Health & Wellness


Jems condoms are made of 100% natural latex, silicone lube – and nothing more.


Supergoop! is the first protective skincare brand that puts SPF at the forefront. Clean, Vegan, Reef Safe, Cruelty Free

Personal Plants

Personal Plants is a multimedia platform designed to support the home cultivation and processing of therapeutic plants.


Modern menopause products developed for women, by women that offer solutions from head to toe (and everything in between).

The Good Ritual

Specialty Instant Coffee + L-theanine. On-the-go coffee without the jitters! Gently brewed & Freeze-dried in Australia.

Hubble Contacts

Affordable daily contact lenses. Hubble Contacts delivers contact lenses to your door every month in fully recyclable packaging.


Seed develops broad spectrum and targeted consumer probiotics from strain-specific research in clinical and scientific studies.

Keto Kind

We are helping patients re-gain their metabolic health by making a meal support product supported by the latest nutritional research.


Cerena's organic vapor extracted cannabis offerings usher transition from one state to another, mental and or physical. Feel the shift.


It's time to upgrade your medicine cabinet. Hilma makes natural remedies, backed by science.

steep & mellow

We create groovy beverages that promote health & wellness. We combine teas with adaptogens, natural nootropics & 100% compostable packaging.

non | verbal

Adaptogenic chocolate made with organic Ecuadorian cacao, infused with Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar.


Golde makes superfood self-care for all. From latte blends to superfood skincare, all formulas are 100% natural and vegan-friendly.


Grummies is a line of delicious non-GMO, Vegan, and organically sweetened superfood gummies with real ingredients and real superfoods.


LEVEL is founded in emergent cannabinoids, allowing humans to discover the untapped potential of cannabis.


Award winning period products for people and the planet. Maker of the world's first reusable tampon applicator, organic tampons, and pads.

Sandland Sleep

Sandland Sleep is a non-pharmaceutical line of sleep-aids harnessing the power of CBN for a better night's sleep, naturally.

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