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Cora makes organic tampons, pads, cups, liners, and underwear for period care, bladder care, and body care.

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6 months ago

Cora makes my favorite panty liners! They cause no irritation and absorb super well! Also you get a great quantity of panty liners for the price.

panty liners

5 months ago

Love everything about this brand! We have a monthly subscription for their tampons because they are organic and work well.


6 months ago

I use the overnight pads and liners - both are excellent! I never have issues with the adhesive not sticking or the wings not staying put (issues I had with LOLA). Good for heavy flows too - I've never had any problems!

5 months ago

These are more absolute favorite tampons they are so easy to use and they are organic which I absolutely love!


2 months ago

Literally the best pads I’ve ever used. They are soft and comfortable through out the day and don’t irritate me at all. I’m glad I found a healthy pad to use because I would hate anything else I’ve used. I would definitely recommend this product to every girl that uses pads.


9 months ago

These are the only tampons I use. It makes me feel better that they're organic, and also their new packaging is so cute I'm a big fan. I'm interested in trying their cups too!


6 months ago

love the fact that they're organic and non-sus (stay safe girly pops) and i got the gigantic pack from costco! the applicator is cardboard and definitely less comfortable than the plastic playtex ones, but i don't mind it as much since they're clean.


10 months ago

I love their discs and have all variants. The cup is my second favorite and sometimes leaks a bit. I haven’t tried the tampons. Still 5/5 for innovative discs, cute branding, content and fun newsletter.

3 years ago

I switched to Cora after finding out that their competitor, Lola was funded by investors who hosted fundraising events for Trump. In an effort to align my spending with my values, i was hoping that Cora would be an exact replacement but the product felt different. It’s hard to describe exactly what about it felt different but it just didn’t meet the quality I was hoping for. That being said, it’s not a bad product by any means and I would totally use it if needed and might try it again.