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Wellah creates a line of tasty, plant-based protein shakes to support women's health.

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Wellah Reviews

Wellah reviews

Reviews mention

  • High-quality healthy products
  • Affordable athletic supplements
  • Variety of tasty flavors
  • Effective athletic performance
  • Unpleasant artificial sweetener
  • Hard-to-find scoop
  • Overly sweet taste
  • High product prices

Wellah is a high-quality brand known for its healthy, tasty, and effective products. Its major strengths are affordability, variety of flavors, clean ingredients, and effectiveness in improving athletic performance. However, some customers have voiced concerns about the artificial sweetener, hard-to-find scoop, overly sweet taste, high price, small serving size, issues with dissolving, strong flavors, and high caffeine content.

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247 reviews

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15 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I've tried one flavor of the hydration mix and one flavor of the get-going pre-workout from this brand. The electrolyte mix tastes good but isn't a favorite, but the green apple flavor of the pre-workout I tried tastes amazing like I'm eating a real apple. I found both products to be effective, and I appreciate that this brand doesn't use anything artificial in their products.

Wellah Splish Splash Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix Strawberry KiwiGet-Going Pre-Workout Green Apple

21 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I recently purchased the splish splash hydration powder, the preworkout, and the creatine powder. I love the design and packaging of the Wellah products since I have never heard of wella before purchasing. I got the blue raspberry preworkout flavor and it is so yummy! I noticed a difference in my workout and felt myself staying motivated and energized longer which was amazing. I also drank the hydration powder after to retain my fuel and stay on my hydration. The splish splash hydration made me feel great and the flavor options are super yummy! I would love to repurchase from this brand now that I know how great their products are!

CreatineWellah Splish Splash Hydration (Tropical Punch)

19 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

Love the creatine, pre-workout and afterglow so far! I went with the unflavored creatine, and it's an awesome, non-gritty addition to my water before I workout. I usually mix it up with a scoop of the pre-workout (raspberry lemonade). If using both, I recommend a shake in a bottle or a quick whip with a hand frother, just to get all those particles broken up. I get great energy from the pre-workout! I love all the clean ingredients and no BS in the product. Afterglow is a great option for an additional protein source, again, without the crap! I went with the mango variation and for someone who isn't big on flavored products... I like it!

Creatinewellah getgoing preworkoutThe Afterglow

12 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I tried the Strawberry Kiwi Electrolyte powder and really liked it! It has very good flavor for a powdered water additive, and I really like the ease of use. It is very sweet, so if you are not a fan of sweet things, I would stay away from this. I personally wish it was a little bit less sweet, but it is still tasty as it. It is great for me to keep the container at work and just add a scoop and some water to a cup to stay hydrated in the summer! I also purchased the Get Going Pre-Workout mix but have yet to try it.

Wellah Splish Splash Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix Strawberry Kiwi

25 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I tried the pump it up creatine flavor since I had experience with creatine in pill form previously, and love anything lemon or lemonade flavored. Unfortunately, I had a hard time with this product because it has a strong taste of artificial sweetener. I have heard unflavored creatine powder also has an inherently unpleasant taste, so it might just be to cover that up. Overall though I found it difficult to drink. Also, I want to mention that there is a small scoop included to help with portioning the powder - the item I was sent had it wayyy at the bottom of the jar.


24 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I tried the Watermelon Splish Splash Hydration and it was really good. I like this better than many of the other hydration products I’ve tried. It is a bit sweet for my taste, but I’d definitely purchase this again!

Splish Splash Hydration Watermelon

10 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

A small scoop packs a big punch - the watermelon has a great, sweet/sour flavor. Love that it has the added benefits of superfruits. Incredibly hydrating!

12 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I tried the Leaf Laugh Love powder. It was easy to add to my smoothies and turned them a vibrant green color, but I wish there was more information on the label of what the nutritional benefits are. It doesn't give the daily value of the many greens on the nutrition label.

Leaf Laugh Love

13 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I've recently started taking creatine, as I'm trying to become stronger and spending more time at the gym. As a vegetarian, I feel like taking creatine fills a gap in my nutrition and helps my gym goals. I like this unflavored creatine, as stevia isn't my favorite aftertaste- I've dissolved a scoop of this in water, which is fine and unflavored, and I've also mixed it with a scoop of the splish splash hydration for double the benefit and less sweetener overall- both ways are great! The container is small and easy to transport if you want to keep it at the office, etc.