Personal Plants

Personal Plants is a multimedia platform designed to support the home cultivation and processing of therapeutic plants.


Cerena's organic vapor extracted cannabis offerings usher transition from one state to another, mental and or physical. Feel the shift.


LEVEL is founded in emergent cannabinoids, allowing humans to discover the untapped potential of cannabis.

Sandland Sleep

Sandland Sleep is a non-pharmaceutical line of sleep-aids harnessing the power of CBN for a better night's sleep, naturally.


The science of stress relief for body, skin, and mind - precisely formulated w/ clinically-validated, therapeutic botanicals & cannabinoids


Effective and natural solutions for daily stresses, aches and pains.


A curated selection of small-batch, premium artisan CBD products. Allay partners with nonprofits that help you do good while feeling good.


A plant enhanced hydration mix for an open mind and an active life. Scientifically designed to help you move happy.

Good Company Tea

A new tea experience? Good Company Tea creates organic CBD teas to help you relax and recharge.


CBD chewing gum? Favour is a functional chewing gum powered by higher-bioavailability CBD, created to make you feel good.


Solutions to the stressors of modern living. Juna creates plant-powered, organic CBD formulas to optimize mind, body, mood, and sleep.


A holistic approach to sleep wellness? Proper combines supplements and 1:1 coaching to help you sleep better.


Pamos is a premium quality, non-alcoholic cannabis spirit infused with THC, CBD, and plant terpenes.


socially-dosed cannabis products for cocktail moments.


Whole-plant hemp formulations dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components to benefit mind and body.


Frigg is a beauty brand that believes that our mood impacts the health of our hair, skin, and body.

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