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A complete formula for REM Sleep + Deep Sleep.

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Yin Sleep Reviews

Yin Sleep reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Helps users fall asleep faster
  • Achieves deeper sleep
  • Energizes users upon waking
  • Contains beneficial magnesium
  • Requires taking large pills
  • Can cause morning grogginess
  • Might affect hormones
  • Uses less preferred magnesium form

Yin Sleep is a natural sleep aid that has been praised for its ability to help users fall asleep faster, achieve deeper sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Many users appreciated its magnesium content and lack of melatonin, which can cause headaches for some. However, some users pointed out that the dosage of three large pills per evening was a bit much and that it made them feel groggy in the morning. Others were concerned about the product's potential effects on hormones and wished for a different form of magnesium to be used.

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