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Saalt makes reusable menstrual cups and leak-proof underwear to provide relief during periods.

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12 days ago

I really enjoy the smaller cup! I love the size and find it to be very comfortable. My only issue is that it's slightly harder to pull out than other brands I've used.

Saalt Cup

3 months ago

loved this better than the diva cup because it was a bit more flexible so it was easier to get out. no leaks so far (fingies crossed!).

2 months ago

I want to start by saying I’m an experienced user, Ive been using cups for around 15 years and in that time I have had several different brands. I never had a bad experience with a cup until I tried Saalt. Cup had a weird smell (despite other cups being odourless). It was advertised as super soft but in reality nowhere as soft as my old up and when I tried it (NOT during period) it caused me horrible cramping pain that lasted for hours after I took it out. Basically I felt like cup was too stiff and caused too much pressure. I have contacted the brand and they couldn’t offer a refund however they offered me to try their disc as a replacement. I then tried the disc and I couldn’t take it out. I read instructions, I watched the videos and I still couldn’t take it out for ages. The edge for hooking the finger was too flimsy! I ended up horribly sore once I was finally done with it. All I can say about Saalt is that it might work for people who prefer stiff cups. However I still don’t think they are the best choice due to the odd chemical smell. Plus, I have tried their cup wash and I don’t find it to be effective. It seems like orange oil masks the bad odours but doesn’t really remove them. I have a more effective cup wash… Extra star for their willingness to replace the product, otherwise my experience was pretty bad and wasteful.

Cup washSaalt Cup

6 months ago

Excellent product that I far prefer to competitors in this market. I love my Saalt Cup, and I like that they're super sustainable and eco-friendly.

Saalt Cup

3 months ago

Had an issue with sizing, customer service was very helpful and understanding. I bought these for my mom who although is no longer menstruating, struggles with leaks. She really loves them and it has made a difference :) Great company values! They do not use PFAS, known to be bad for the body, which many companies unfortunately use in period underwear.

3 months ago

Got these for my teenage daughter when we found out her Thinx undies might have contained PFAS. She has the regular absorbency undies and they work for medium flow without leaks and are thinner than the Thinx. My daughter says they are more comfortable and stretchy than Thinx. She’s been using them for a 2 months and they look like new after multiple washes and don’t smell like the Thinx did after about 3-4 months. I’m buying her a few more pairs for heavier days/overnight. Love the company’s use of renewable cellulose fiber, its ethically produced products, and that it keeps so many pads and tampons out of our system!

2 years ago

I absolutely love that their menstrual cups come in two sizes. I had tried menstrual cups before but always found that they would leak due to improper sizing. It wasn't until I tried the regular size from Saalt that I experienced absolutely no leakage. I owe my leak-free days to this brand and I'm so happy about it!

2 years ago

LOVE Saalt cups! The packaging makes my heart happy, the wash is light, and the cups are the perfect amount of firm/bendy.


I'd love to see more from an education and inclusivity standpoint!

2 years ago

I absolutely love the Saalt leak-proof underwear. They are super comfortable and absorbent and not to mention they are actually pretty cute! They are seamless underneath my jeans and have truly changed the period-product game.

6 months ago

The Saalt cup is my first and last menstrual cup. I have had the Saalt duo pack for the last 3 years and I love how travel friendly they are and how I never have to worry about running out of menstrual products.