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Laundry Day makes creative smoking accessories like hand-pipes, rolling mats, and tool kits.

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7 months ago

I saw these at a local boutique in Brooklyn and had to buy. The design and packaging really stand out and I love to keep it on display as a decor item in addition to it's functional use :)

a year ago

Got a pipe for my dad one year for Christmas and he LOVED it. He said it cooled down the smoke so it didn't burn his throat. Genius. So beautifully designed and packaged plus they're hand blown in Canada and a women owned business. All win-wins in my book.

9 months ago

The pipes are stunning, and I love that I can have them on display. They're well worth the price and work really well.


I wouldn't change a thing.

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10 months ago

Gorggggggeous smoke ware. Truly elevated experience. Their pipes are beautiful blown glass and the grinders are super heavy duty brass that are works of art.

9 months ago

Looks just as good in person as in photos! Got their pipe for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved them so much he went and ordered other accessories from the site. Shipping to the east coast did take a week so order ahead of time.