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Elvie makes femtech products, like breast pups and pelvic floor trainers, designed to give women freedom.

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a year ago

I tried the pump and it didn't work for my particular situation. During pregnancy I thought a hands-free pump that you can fit in your bra sounded great! Come to find out my supply was low, and these are not the best pumps for increasing supply. Also, sure, maybe they fit into your bra, but it feels cumbersome, and it's not like you can wear them into the grocery store (hint: they are not discreet). Last thing: after months of occasional usage at best, they definitely started to become less effective.


Offer a 30-day trial or rental program? If you are a new mom, you have no idea what your nursing experience is going to be like, and it sucks to spend so much money on a product only to realize it doesn't work for you, especially whilst navigating nursing and all its challenges.

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