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Drive sell-though in key sales channels - without losing customer data to retailers.

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Brands featured on ThingtestingBrands featured on Thingtesting
Brands featured on ThingtestingBrands featured on Thingtesting
  • Drive trial

    Set up seamless in-store or online promotions and edit or adjust them in real-time.

  • Real-time insights

    Robust receipt, basket and demo data, along with NPS & LTV, all at your fingertips.

  • Measure ROI

    Plan and budget better with stronger attribution and referrals, traffic and acquisition by channels.

  • Always-on acquisition

    Drive sell-through and acquire new customers in the most profitable or highest priority retail and sales channels.

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Support your sell-through

Brands like Offcourt use our tools to support high-visbility retail partnerships like Walmart.

Consumers trust us

Turn campaigns into credibility and strong SEO when your new customers leave you a review on your Thingtesting page.

Works for all channels

Customers like AVEC use our tools to drive velocity in-store, whether on Amazon, in Walmart, or at your local mom and pop shop.

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