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Hiya makes children's vitamins without the artificial ingredients and sugar found in traditional vitamins.

Hiya Reviews

Hiya reviews


88% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality products
  • Customizable flavors
  • Health benefits for children
  • High price point
  • Some flavor issues
  • Difficulty cancelling subscriptions
  • Not all children enjoy taste

Hiya is appreciated for its high-quality children's vitamins and excellent customer service but suffers from a high price point and some taste issues.

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111 reviews


a month ago

My kids love Hiya vitamins. I feel good about them because they aren't some gummy that gets stuck in their teeth. It is also made with better ingredients so I feel good about getting my kids what they need to supplement their diet, since getting toddlers to eat all the things they should is practically impossible. They eat them like they are candy. It is never a fight. My oldest also loves the find stickers or cards that come in each refill pack. Overall I would highly recommend.

a day ago

Love the ingredients and the packaging. Great customer service! A few of my kids like the taste better than others. Thankful for Hiya!


2 days ago

We absolutely love our Hiya vitamins and probiotics. My kids take them every single morning with no fuss, which is unusual for both of them (ages six and three). We almost canceled our subscription just because of the cost and the Hiya team worked out a plan with us got us to stick with them. I will absolutely be a Hiya user until my kids are grown! A++ for product and customer service! A HUGE bonus is my kids have not been sick since starting these vitamins two months ago, as they were sick to the months leading up to using them. We’ve dodged two flus after being in close contact, thanks to Hiya!

2 days ago

Hiya is family friendly in every way! My daughter loves both the probiotic and the multivitamin and it’s the best decision I made in keeping her healthy.


3 days ago

Influencer for Hiya

Great customer service! Our boys love these vitamins!


3 days ago

We recently received our first multi vitamins. Our two daughters, ages 10 and 12 went absolutely crazy for the bottles that hold their vitamins! They loved decorating and making them their own. I love that the bottles are glass and refillable and look cute at our kitchen table. As far as the taste, both girls liked the mango flavor vitamins the best. They said the vitamins have a “dusty” texture and weren’t the best tasting, but they recognize how good they are for them so are ok taking them. I had to reach out to customer service and the responses I received were exceptional and exceeded my expectations. Thank you Hiya!


4 days ago

Received a free product from Hiya

Great product. Good clean ingredients. Fills nutritional gaps. My daughter loves the taste and fun jar.


5 days ago

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See a noticeable difference when my 4 year old takes them. Cool design your own bottles are fun. Price is ok but hiya works with me.


8 days ago

I love how my kids will take the vitamin without complaining. I am happy that it is not a gummy and they are getting the nutrients they need.


8 days ago

When looking for the perfect multivitamin for my kids since the previous one we were using was discontinued. I stumbled upon HIYA's children's multivitamin in my research for an alternative. One of the standout features that drew me in was the commitment of HIYA to use no junk in their products. It's reassuring to know I'm giving my child a vitamin that's free from artificial additives and is made from whole foods. Another aspect of HIYA that has deeply impressed me is their genuine care for customers. It's rare to find a company that listens and addresses any concerns with such promptness and dedication. Whether it's a question about their products or feedback on an experience, HIYA's team is always ready to engage, providing thoughtful responses and working tirelessly to find a middle ground. This level of customer service speaks volumes about their ethos; they're not just about selling a product but are genuinely invested in the well-being of their customers and their families. Their children's multivitamin is a testament to their commitment to health, quality, and genuine care, setting them apart in a crowded market of multivitamins that are filled with junk like sugar additives and even worse in a gummy. It's heartening to support a company that not only delivers an exceptional product but also stands by its values and prioritizes the satisfaction and well-being of its customers.