Community Guidelines

Thingtesting works hard to earn your trust. Below are some of the principles we operate by to ensure that we are the most valued and trusted source to help online shoppers buy better. Thingtesting may change these Community Guidelines from time to time by updating our website.

Our north star has always been that all reviews on Thingtesting are instantly published. We understand that sometimes brands and consumers have differing opinions. We stand by our mission that all reviews deserve to be published on Thingtesting and do not take sides in reviewer and brand disagreements.

Our Community Values

We are a global community of curious consumers having thoughtful conversations about how and what we buy. We hold all our members to the same standards, including our internal team, the brands on our platform, our Thingtester community, and every other user on Thingtesting. We are committed to building a community based on trust, honesty, curiosity, and inclusivity.


Trust is at the center of our Thingtesting community and everything we do. We ask users to complete their profiles to offer other users more context on their reviews. We request that users share any affiliation (i.e. investor, friend, employee, etc.) with a brand they've reviewed to offer a complete view of any biases they may hold. Read more about our approach to Trust & Transparency here.


We share honestly and transparently, from personal experience with a brand and its products. Our experience, when positive, demonstrates how the brand is meeting our needs or exceeding our expectations. Our feedback, when negative, is thoughtful and constructive - never mean.


We are excited by the opportunity to learn something new, discover new brands, and build new connections. We celebrate our community helping each other discover new things and in making lists and creating content that is relevant and helpful to other users.


We welcome people of all genders, races, ethnicities, and perspectives to share their experiences and feedback with brands on Thingtesting.

What we won't stand for

Community is at the core of Thingtesting. We want our users to feel safe, valued, and heard on our platform. When any person (brands or users) takes advantage of these standards for their own agenda, the review, user, or brand page may be flagged. Our team will review the user's profile, and reviews and content which go against our guidelines will be removed. In some circumstances, the profile may be banned.

Promotional content

Reviews, lists or other content on Thingtesting are not a place for self-promotion. We know that there are founders, employees, investors and others with ties to brands on Thingtesting. It's important to note your affiliation when submitting a review to ensure we're building trust for every user on Thingtesting. Similarly, using the review fields to promote yourself as an influencer, partner, or in any other manner to brands is a violation of these guidelines.


We don't post unhelpful, bad faith or mean-spirited comments directed at brands or other users. Explicit content and imagery is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Harassment or discrimination

We absolutely won't tolerate racism, sexism, classism, or any other forms of harassment or discrimination on Thingtesting.


Last updated: 10/5/2023