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Great Jones

High-performance Instagram-ready cookware? Great Jones is a cookware brand that's modernizing your kitchen essentials.


The solution to boring gift wrap? Unwrp offers sustainable gifting options in striking colors and delicious prints.


A paint company, just better. Simple products, curated colours, and next-day delivery. All consciously made and Carbon Neutral.


Skincare-focused cosmetics that address specific skin concerns for a natural, yet flawless look while also helping improve them over time.


A plant enhanced hydration mix for an open mind and an active life. Scientifically designed to help you move happy.

No Ordinary Scent

A Stockholm-based perfumery that makes customized scents from users photos with Artificial Intelligence.


We create nopla(stic) sets for a sustainable lifestyle.


Bulk refillable eco cleaning & laundry products in glass bottles/jars that look cool, work great & reduce waste

Therapy Notebooks

Journal to help with your mental health, designed by therapists and using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.


Sex stuff that's actually sexy. Goodparts designs personal care products to complement your personal style—in bed.


A complete mobile smart gym.


A gender-neutral skincare line from Pharrell Williams.


Footwear for time well spent. Mahabis sells premium slippers designed for comfort and made for adventure


Boie makes personal care products that are longer-lasting and recyclable.


Solutions to the stressors of modern living. Juna creates plant-powered, organic CBD formulas to optimize mind, body, mood, and sleep.


Innovative tights for uncompromising attitudes. Hedoine makes high-quality seamless, sagless, shaping, pinch-free & ladder resistant tights.

With Clarity

With Clarity is the online jeweler that combines the best of online and offline shopping with a 3D printed Home Preview of you ring.


We make high-quality sex products and facilitate high-quality conversations so that everybody can explore pleasure in new ways.

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