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Meet Tabu. Mother Nature's answer to sex and menopause. It's all natural, never crude, and designed for women who age.


Plant-based marine omega? Simris is a Swedish supplement brand that makes state-of-the-art plant-based omega-3.


Apostrophe empowers people to feel confident in their skin with access to dermatologists and custom prescriptions online and shipped to you.


Agni works with a Medical Advisory Board and top chefs to make healing foods that are certifiably delicious.


A new generation of dental care drawing on Ayurvedic medicine & native Australian botanicals to cleanse & support a healthy mouth and body.


Performance footwear made with recycled and sustainable materials, and versatile enough for all the ways you move.


Where Beauty Never Feels Routine. Clean, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Sustainable skincare, for all. A balance of what you know and what's next.


Bagatiba is a 100% sustainable jewelry line specializing in hand crafted objects. Lavish yet affordable, jewelry for the modern woman.


The solution to boring gift wrap? Unwrp offers sustainable gifting options in striking colors and delicious prints.


High quality, genderless scents delivered right to your door. Free shipping, free returns, free 7-day trial.

Weezie Towels

Launched in October 2018, Weezie is a modern luxury brand offering high quality, customizable towels and robes.


Contactless fashion? Tribute sells digital outfits free from the constraints of size, gender and sex.


Fable makes it effortless to set a beautiful table. Artisan crafted dinnerware designed for everyday use.


The authority in modern self-care. Book a service at our NYC Flagship or bring the chill home with our growing family of products.


A plant enhanced hydration mix for an open mind and an active life. Scientifically designed to help you move happy.


A furniture rental brand offering made-to-last designs, hailing from NYC.

Endless Ferments

Live starter cultures that can be used again-and-again to make endless batches of kombucha and sourdough.


At-home lab testing empowering everyone to understand and improve their issues with brain fog, sleep, weight gain, high stress, and more.


Handcrafted grooming products for men created with natural ingredients from the Mediterranean.

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