Your guide to new brands.


OffLimits is a cereal and culture brand built around emotionally unstable cartoon characters for every mood - to rep you at your most wired or most tired.


A beauty brand to inspire creativity, Superfluid is a beauty brand that offers tools to boost self-liberation and expression. They make colourful cosmetics to be used by anyone.


At-home hair color for men? Colorsmith makes made-to-order hair color kits for men, with a first product focused on gray reduction.


Canned sparkling tequila? Onda is a spirits brand for a new generation of drinkers. They make sugar-free sparkling tequila with natural ingredients.

Chhabra Chai

Delicious, punchy and sugar-free. Chhabra Chai makes boldly spiced hot chocolate and chai tea blends.


Pottery reinvented? Pottery kits containing everything you need to make hand crafted ceramics at home.


Dog beds worth dreaming over? Laylo makes design-forward dog beds that blend in with your home's decor.


A glass of m*lk, powered by peas? Sproud is a Swedish plant-based brand created by green logistics company WeMake.


A new way to test and treat UTIs at home using your smartphone. A new service from

Dad Grass

Low dose, full toke. Dad Grass makes 100% organic hemp pre-rolled CBD joints.


Canned rice wine? WeSake makes it easier to learn about and enjoy sake.


Seaweed fiber t-shirts? Pangaia is a sustainable clothing brand and a materials science company.


Best value, stainless steel cookware? Potluck makes quality kitchenware, sold directly to you, so you end up paying half.


Personalized protein powder? Gainful products are precisely formulated by dietitians to provide supplements suited to customers unique physiology, dietary restrictions, and fitness goals.


Making safety seamless to get you moving? Thousand makes bike and skateboard helmets for urban commuters.


First-aid that moves with you? Welly makes fabric bandages and ointments in handy tins that can go on any adventure to keep you prepared.

Robin Golf

Golf clubs for the modern-day player? Robin Golf is a new golf brand that makes men's, women's, and kids' sets, made in the same factories and with the same materials as luxury brands.


The sausage party you've been waiting for? Seemore makes tasty sausages made with meat and fresh veggies.


Is future hair loss a thing of the past? Keeps makes doctor-supported, FDA-approved, affordable treatment plans to stop hair loss.

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