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Super fresh spices grown for flavor. From small organic family farms across India directly to you.

Sweet Dreams

An all-natural tincture to help you drift into deep sleep.

Lay London

Ready-to-go tablescapes for parties & events, delivered to the door.


Botanical sodas inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s.


A low calorie, low alcohol spirit made in England using sustainably-sourced plants. With just 6% ABV, you can satisfy that thirst to have a drink minus the hangover the next day.

Seemore Meats & Veggies

Seemore Meats & Veggies is a veggie-forward meat company founded and led by women on a mission it easier and more fun for you to eat well.

Pot Gang

A grow-your-own fruit, veg and herb subscription, with monthly deliveries of seasonal seeds, pots, compost and loads of support.


The first Asian-inspired sparkling water, Sanzo uses real fruit + no added sugars to deliver sparkling water with traditional Asian flavors.

Spark Grills

Precision grilling? Spark makes charcoal barbecues that are as easy to use as gas.

Usual Wines

A large glass of real wine, by the bottle. Zero sugar, zero additives, just grapes, water, and sunshine. Usual Wines bottles (and cans) single-serve wine, delivered directly to your door.

A Good Company

A Good Company creates sustainable and elegant everyday products which does not compromise on design.

Corpus Naturals

Above and beyond what you may have come to expect from natural. Corpus is made for people who don't want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural.


Huzzy is a vegan condom brand based in the Netherlands. Sexual equality for everyone should be the norm.

Alex Crane

Alex Crane makes breezy clothes because we all do our best when we feel light. We choose fabrics, colors, and fits that make us feel playful and sharp.

Steamery Stockholm

Steamery create modern clothing care products that will make your clothes look great and last. 


Prefab guest homes and modular backyard offices.


CaviAir is bringing ransparency and cool factor to fish eggs, and delivers caviar direct-to-consumer.


A new food delivery service that makes dinner parties a realistic option for busy New Yorkers.


NUGGS utilize an advanced technology that enables a hyper-realistic simulation of the texture & flavor of an animal-based nugget.

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