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Supersapiens training ecosystem-powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense-empowers athletes to optimize fueling, maximize training & increase performance gains


The world's safest bicycle helmet isn't a helmet, it's an airbag. Hövding is an innovative airbag bicycle helmet from Sweden.


At Olivers, we make premium athletic staples reimagined for the 21st century.

Wearable X

High tech yoga pants? Wearable X makes experiential apparel designed to elevate fashion through haptic feedback and integration with technology.


A one-stop destination for horse care supplies, tack, and more for all horse owners. Always the best prices with excellent service.


Hydrow delivers a live on-river outdoor rowing experience at-home that engages 2x more of the body’s muscles vs. biking or running.


Levels is the first biowearable to provide real-time feedback on how your diet impacts your health.


Active-Thermal ski boot cover engineered to keep your feet warm in alpine winter conditions. Powered by COZYTECH®


Award-winning next-gen electric bikes, packed with high-tech smart features.


Bala Bangles are the world's first wearable weights with fashion in mind.


Performance footwear made with recycled and sustainable materials, and versatile enough for all the ways you move.


Making safety seamless. Starting with helmets you actually want to wear.

Vela Bikes

Pedal-assist ebikes with a retro design. Travel up to 20mph with a removable battery and GPS tracking


Bye-bye boring. Hello wheel good fun. The Apex bike is the ultimate in-home workout.


Påhoj is the new bike seat that turns into a stroller in a second. Why choose between a bike or stroller, when you can have both?


Cowboy is the first connected e-bike that gives people the freedom to take the streets.


Uniting an extra ordinary city bicycle with a global social mission. The only bike with a One for One promise. Made with recycled aluminum.


Multi-purpose towels for every adventure — individually designed with our artist partners around the world and made from recycled waste.


Made with all-natural materials, including corn fibre and algae, Hylos are sustainable running shoes for the Planet.

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