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Therabody makes massage devices and lotions aiding muscle recovery after exercise.

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22 days ago

I have owned the Theragun Pro for three years and the TheraFace for nearly two. Both devices have been a great addition to my relaxation routine. The TheraFace is particularly enjoyable for its ease of use; it's perfect for a session of self-care while lounging on the couch and catching up on TV shows. However, the Theragun Pro, despite its effectiveness in relaxing tight muscles, is quite loud, which could be disruptive to others nearby. My primary grievance, and the reason I'm inclined to rate this as a three-star review, pertains to the Theragun Pro's battery life. It's subpar at best. Of the three batteries I possess, only one holds a charge, and even then, it only charges halfway. This allows for just a single use before necessitating another charge. It's unclear whether I received a faulty unit or the batteries themselves are of poor quality, but this has been a significant drawback in my experience.

Theragun ProTheraFace

a month ago

I love my theragun mini, it is really a lifesaver for back tightness and after working out.

Theragun Mini 2

21 days ago

I've hurt myself using this. My nerves were messed up for weeks. I think this needs better education over how/where to use it.

Theragun Pro

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22 days ago

bought the mini after our friend brought it with her on a trip. felt the most affordable and a good size, and does the trick!

8 days ago

i feel like there are cheaper alternatives that are almost as good, but I have the theragun pro that has lasted me years. I definitely feel looser after using it but still feel a little clumsy using it.

Theragun Pro

3 days ago

I have both the theragun and the theraface. I use both products pretty much on a daily basis. Both have held up for 1+ years. The quality bar is high. I have tried hyperice which has a softer pulse if that’s your preference. I’ve also tried off brand massage guns that just aren’t as powerful. I don’t find their app routines very useful and just usually do my own thing

Theragun ProTheraFace

5 hours ago

Therabody is great. The massage gun lives up to its promise. Love to use before a run to warm up and after to help release sore muscles. You won’t regret buying a Theragun.


13 days ago

I bought a Theragun Pro about 3 years ago -- I have fibromyalgia and deep knots, and this percussive device had amazing reviews. Sadly, it just sits in storage and I'm genuinely hesitant to use it. First, it's VIOLENT. I have pretty incredible pain tolerance, prefer really aggressive massages ("bruise me or lose me", y'all), AND I'm used to regular physical therapy work that is more in the torture camp than cathartic. I actually enjoy a degree of cathartic pain. However, this thing feels like ... being agitated in an old-fashioned washing machine, while having jackhammers remove deep layers of concrete on top of your body, while being resented by your partner for involving them (you will be going Owowowow! or Agghhhhh! or Whyyyy!). Second, you MUST involve someone else -- partner, friend, PT coach. The website will lie and claim that you can angle it (with the adjustable head) to work on yourself but a) You can't achieve this for probably 75% of your body and b) Even when you can, it's too violent to hold in place and receive the "therapeutic benefits" at the same time. It wants to jump out of your hands. Third, the price isn't justifiable AT ALL. I regret spending that much on an therapy device that I don't use. Furthermore, you can get the same kind of item, only less violent, for far, far less money. Is it "the best" because it has more power? Depends on if you prefer using power-tools versus therapeutic devices on your already ailing body. Just no. That being said, it does do what it says it'll do ... beat the hell out of you with more power than any other brand. :-/

Theragun Pro

13 days ago

Such a brilliant device that is very useful and effective. I used to take a stretch workout class that would use a theragun on us and it is a wonderful tool. Only 2 issues: one it's very expensive and that is going to stop a lot of people from affording it. Two, like most massages it is hard to do yourself. You can get the front of your body pretty easily but to do the back, you really need another hand which kind of defeats the purpose.