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Hydrow sells rowing machines creating an immersive at-home workout experience.

Hydrow Reviews

Hydrow reviews


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5 reviews

4 months ago

The machine itself is excellent. It’s the smoothest rowing l machine I’ve tried and is very high quality. However I just can’t get over a few things that ultimately have led me to trying to sell it. 1. Expensive monthly fee on top of already paying $2,000 2. I hate that you can’t access anything other than their rowing content. Would be awesome to just row and watch Netflix or something if I’m in the mood 3. The classes start to feel a bit repetitive and a bit boring. How many times can I listen to the instructors tell stories during the rows? How about integrating the row to the music so it’s more fun and connected?

6 months ago

Friends with Hydrow

I never imagined that we would become a rowing household. For the past 3+ years, it has been a pleasure to see how much my now 13-year-old loves rowing. She had never rowed before and now is on a team rowing on the Charles 3-4 / days week in the Spring and the Fall. She's even going to winter rowing (not on the chilly winter river) which is indoors. Here's the deal- yes, it's kinda expensive. Yes, it's pretty damn big. Yes, there is a fee. But my 13 year old daughter apparently runs a 6:45 mile and can literally do 450 squats. I give Hydrow all of this credit- because we're not pushing her to do any of these things. The machine is very well made, the screen programs are great and mix in some non-rowing into the mix. The personalities aren't like Peloton- meaning they're not just selling sex. They're actually great rowers and supportive. They're in the FB groups- they're actually "high fiving" my daughter on the Hydrow app after a workout. It's a much better product for someone who doesn't want to go to a gym and just wants to make sure they're doing something that will work out almost 90% of your muscles. The monthly fee is expensive, there are live rows- but probably not enough. But honestly, our entire household shares that monthly fee and it's not any different than other models.

2 months ago

Changed my life. Lost a ton of weight and am in the best cardio shape of my life. Row 6-7 days a week. Encouraging and friendly instructors. They don't make you feel like you're an idiot or not working hard enough. Works 86% of your muscles and is low/no impact. Machine is well made, reliable, and easy to use. Milestones are motivating.

2 years ago

Nice machine, but expensive and must pay monthly fee on top of purchasing product


More beginner rows, no monthly subscription. I’m looking to sell mine. I don’t live it like I thought I would. But maybe rowing isn’t my thing. After paying 2,500 for the machine, you still have to pay a monthly $40 membership fee. Gross!