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Thousand makes bike and skate helmets using a human-centered design process to prioritize style, safety, and convenience.

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Thousand Reviews

Thousand reviews

13 reviews

a year ago

We got this helmet for my 3 year old son to wear on his new bike. I love the style and color so much! It’s the tiniest bit large for my son but not so much that it’s unusable. I really like the clip style my partner does not as he is not used to it. One note would be that the stickers that come with it do not stay on that well.

2 years ago

I love my Heritage helmet! Finally a helmet that I want to wear. So cute and fun!

9 months ago

My primary bicycle helmet is one purchased from Thousand. It is a great product from a fun brand. I enjoy their retro-inspired original designs.

a year ago

After years of citi-biking and e-scootering through NYC, listening to lectures from people telling me to wear a helmet, and constantly retorting about how ugly and bulky they are; the Thousand helmet is the only helmet that made me cave. I love their designs and founders mission and wear this helmet on an almost daily basis now for everything from biking, scootering, skateboarding to snowboarding on warm days.

6 months ago

Thousand helmets are a cute alternative to classic bike helmets. I like that you can customize and switch out the visor. Super comfy, they're safe and equipped with MIPS, and I love the bike lock feature. I've never needed to use the magnetic light, but it seems to work well when I've tested it. I will say the helmets fit a little rounder than a classic bike helmet, I prefer a different fit typically, so it took some getting used to.

9 months ago

I love my Thousand helmet and the entire process of buying, unboxing, etc was best-in-class. Strong endorsement.

a year ago

I feel so cute wearing my thousand helmet on my bike! I love how low profile and modern the design is. I was worried about air flow (pretty sweaty) but it's not bad for just cruising around the neighborhood! I love the extra features like magnetic bike light attachment, VERY cool.

2 years ago

Absolutely obsessed with these helmets. The market was crying for a design forward, still functional and safe bike helmet and Thousand delivered. Bike helmets don't have to look like spaceships for your head.


Bigger sizes for people with big hair