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Arc'teryx offers outdoor clothing, technical outerwear, footwear, climbing gear and accessories.

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a day ago

Love my Arc'teryx raincoat and winter hat. I like how the hood of the raincoat covers your whole head without looking too huge or awkward. Noticed that Arc'teryx has gained traction as a trendy winter wear brand recently

2 days ago

Everything I have from them I love! I have a very compact down jacket that is great for layering. It is SO warm but not bulky at all. I also “borrowed” and kept my mom’s ski shell and love it. The hood is annoying, but if you were to buy one without a hood that wouldn’t be an issue! So high quality, so warm, and looks great. Can’t recommend enough, if you can afford it!

5 months ago

While expensive, Arc'teryx has been my family's go to brand for outerwear. We all sport their jackets on the ski mountain because of our large amount of trust in durability, warmth, and comfort.

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4 months ago

While expensive, totally worth it. It is my go to brand for outdoor gear ever since trying them on a trip to Alaska.

2 months ago

Arcteryx has amazing quality. Their pieces are reliable, last forever, and are well designed. They're so expensive but you know you won't have to replace them. My one gripe with the company is that everything is cut so slim and for people with long limbs. If you're at all petite or have a curve, expect to have super long sleeves/pant legs or some pinching around some spots. I wish Arcteryx would vary their cuts because their pieces are so well made. They could just fit better for some.

2 months ago

Quality has gone downhill. If you can find anything made in Canada, it's 5 stars. Just a lot of corner-cutting. Try rebird or buy used. 5 stars if you can find it used, 3 stars if you buy it new.

3 months ago

Very expensive. Effective product. I feel like their size ranges could be lacking for many women.

3 months ago

Love this brand!! Their clothes fit so well, are high quality and come in great colors. I’ve spent thousands…and probably will continue to invest in more. No need to buy any other outerwear. These just perform. I have the thicker ski base layers (rho) top and bottom, various hoodies, rain coat and snowboarding shell. The non shell products are very soft, move with your body, regulate your temperature perfectly (never feel clammy), and also look great and hold up with real use. The shell/coats really are waterproof. There’s different levels of waterproofing - even in their own products. My experience has been that water literally beads off in torrential downpours. My butt never gets wet from sitting on the snow (unlike other “waterproof” snowboarding pants). Their clothes are a game changer and I completely understand the price point and cult following.

6 months ago

Incredible gear for those extreme needs. From hiking to mountaineering, their gear is being put to the rest every day. Their Leaf gear is incredible, and so versatile it’s scary. The only thing I wish was different, the price point. Buy once cry once life though.

4 months ago

If you can afford it, this brands products are bomb-proof. I spend a lot of time in the backcountry hiking, and encounter all kinds of weather. 1 of my 3 jackets from arcteryx is always in my pack, and let me tell you if I need to pull it out these items always deliver. They are meaningful investment pieces, that I typically buy used, but one of these will do the job of 5 other mediocre jackets and last you a decade or more. amazing outerwear. 4 stars is only because the price is so high that it makes it inaccessible to most.