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Bala makes stylish weighted fitness accessories to intensify any workout routine.

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25 days ago

I use my Bala Ankle weights every morning to work out. I would also like a wrist weight pair but for the price, the ankle weights double pretty well around the wrist. I have had for about a year and no outward signs of wear

12 days ago

Expensive but lovely. I have their foam roller, ankle weights, yoga blocks, ball, and beam. I honestly adore them all and they’re cute enough to leave out, which increases their use (and my workout periodicity).

7 days ago

I use some of the Bala equipment in my physio sessions - I don't know the product names but they're the ankle weights and the weighted bar. They have such a nice texture, and are really good to workout with. The ankle weights velcro around and they're very comfortable to wear. The bar has a bend in it that conforms comfortably to your body and it's a good alternative to add weight to an exercise as opposed to hand weights.

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20 days ago

Honestly cant say Ive ever seen workout accessories look so cute, they can even be out on the shelf! The ankle weights (I have the older version) are a little uncomfortable but if I wear them over socks or leggings they're fine, and kind of fun to just wear around the house! I have the ring and dumbells as well, which I love both of, and I appreciate how dynamic the ring can be for different types of exercises. Im not a super fitness-y person so cant attest to how they compare to other weights as Ive never had any others besides a random tiny 3lb plastic covered dumbell but I like these!

13 days ago

For reference, I'm a personal trainer and have a lot of opinions on exercise equipment. I've always been intrigued but also skeptical of Bala. Bala is unique for the aesthetic, and is geared toward someone who wants a stylish gym set-up, not necessarily someone who plans on using said equipment for a more traditional workout routine. While some of the designs are innovative, the weights themselves do not go very high, and you're paying a premium for a look (a 15 lb weight costing over $100 is VERY expensive). It seems like a brand for people who are afraid of lifting weights. I have a power ring that I found at a discount retailer, as well as the hourglass foam roller. The power ring I actually like, but I only use it as part of a limited space set-up where I don't have a normal set of weights. The foam roller seemed like a good idea, but the foam is too dense, and in terms of effectiveness, you're probably better off with one from a company that focuses on recovery tools, especially when it's not cheap. There are companies out there that really care about the effectiveness of their tools and the health benefits, but you won't get the same aesthetic so if that's your priority Bala is fine. At the end of the day, if it gets you to workout, great. I do think there's potential and some of their designs fit a gap in the market, but overall, you're paying an awful lot of money for what you get.

6 months ago

I got the bala bands right before they redesigned them. The first version works great, but the velcro gets a bit uncomfortable after a while. I'd be interested in trying the updated version.

5 months ago

the easiest way to add some weight while doing pilates or even walking. I use weighted bangles for the majority of my workouts! definitely recommend!

3 months ago

I love these as a product, but I feel like I bought them more because they look hot and are fun. I use them occasionally when I do yoga routines, but not as much as I'd like to use them because they sit at this weird inbetween weight. Over time, as you get stronger as well, sometimes they aren't heavy enough. But they feel amazing and they look amazing and are easy for yoga and light weight routines.

4 months ago

Is it even a hot girl walk if you don’t have your bala bangles on? Attractive, comfortable, trendy. Adds an extra little arm workout to any walk. I love them, but I do think they are over priced

5 months ago

I love my Bala weights. They’re cute, functional, and easy to use! Their carrying case also allows me to use them while travelling, which has been a plus. The grip and design is excellent as well!