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Spikeball sells a portable, outdoor volleyball game with an integrated spike mechanism.



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5 days ago

We only bust this baby out at the beach, and I prefer real volleyball. But it's a fun group activity with friends because it's easy to learn! My take is you don't really need to buy your own unless you're a spike ball pro.

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13 days ago

Such a fun game and easy to assemble! Great as a backyard game and also at the beach. This game challenges you to make moves you did not think you were capable of! Such a unique spin on volleyball, but be careful, if you play with real volley pros... you will get defeated!

21 days ago

Spikeball is a great game for heated competition amongst friends, family, or strangers. It's easily portable, and a great social game.

a month ago

Every single time I'm at the beach, I get into a heated competition with my family over spikeball. We go hard. It's so fun, so portable, and super easy to set up. Highly worth the price and I've had my set forever.

3 months ago

We’re volleyball players and so we’ve become big fans of Spikeball too. It’s easy to travel and set-up while camping or a day at the park (just don’t forget a ball pump)! I love our set- It’s challenging or easy, depending on the crowd but always a good time!

a month ago

Spikeball is my family's favorite beach pass time. It has created a lot of laughs as fun, as well as some arguments if I'm honest. The most fun game that can be low key or extremely competitive

a month ago

Insanely fun - easy to travel with, great for the beach, backyard, etc. Easy to learn and great for all ages. Could not recommend more if you are looking for a fun outdoor activity.