Diaspora Co.

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Diaspora Co. offers a wide variety of fresh, flavorful spices from small organic family farms across India.

Diaspora Co. Reviews

Diaspora Co. reviews


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46 reviews


3 months ago

I love the mission of the company and their high quality spices at good price points. I use their pragati turmeric in roasts, rice dishes, tea, etc.

4 months ago

High quality spices with a great commitment to supporting their suppliers. Love their turmeric!

4 months ago

The spices that I have gotten from them have been very high quality, and I especially like some of the chilis that they offer! I also really like the brands mission and the branding. I do wish that the tins for the spices were a bit bigger and easier to dispense the spices from.

3 months ago

We have more than 3/4 of their spices sold and are a huge fan of their mission of paying living wages to farmers and sourcing only the highest quality single origin spices from various regions around India and Sri Lanka. We especially love their turmerics, their various chili powders, their black pepper, their cumin, and their baking spices, but most of their other spices have a place in our spice rack as well. Their Chai Masala, Garam Masala, and Haldi Doodh are awesome as well! The freshness and quality of flavor of their spices are second to none. I can't recommend them more highly!

4 months ago

Great spices, though pricy. Frustrating that stock is eternally low meaning more orders/shipping charges.

4 months ago

Highly recommend! The Sanaam chili is soooo good, more of a mild and sweet kind of heat. Their turmeric will ruin all other turmerics for you, it's that good. I've tried a number of Diaspora spices and have also given them as gifts. Everything lasts a long time too!

5 months ago

I love Diaspora! I've been a pretty regular customer for a couple of years and love making a spice order when my levels are running low. Spices we've reordered many times are the Turmeric, Guntur Sanaam Chilli Powder, the Aranya Black Pepper, but honestly I've been in love with literally everything I've ever ordered from Diaspora. Incredible flavours, fresh spices, and a great company to follow along with. They're incredibly transparent about their production and where the individual spices are coming from, their packaging, etc. Their site also has a lot of great recipes, a nice resource to turn to for inspiration if you need something new to cook! It can be fun to order spices you haven't experienced cooking with and try new things. Also makes great gifts for anyone in your life who likes to cook.

4 months ago

Friends with Diaspora Co.

They have one of the premiere spices out in the market right now! If you want to have the best spices in your kitchen to cook with, this is the one for you! I love their Guntur Sannam Chilles.


a year ago

Diaspora makes excellent, super quality spices, but their approach to brand, transparency, and the way they communicate with their customers is what I think people are really buying into when they make a purchase. I feel like Diaspora actually deserves the credit for shifting a lot of people's perspective on spices altogether-- I find myself eschewing grocery store spices that look like they've been gathering dust for a decade because... they probably have. The freshness makes a difference, and the supply chain makes a difference. I'm really glad they've expanded their assortment so much the last few years, and I'm particularly a fan of the Aranya pepper and the Pink Pahadi garlic.

2 years ago

Amazingly fresh spices. I love that they have a recipe developer in-house who is always sharing delicious recipes. On a 35,000 ft level, I also love that they have thought about every aspect - 1. fair trade (paying farmers and their employees really well) 2. only working with farmers that have regenerative practices (no chemicals, replenishing soil, etc) 3. recyclable packaging 4. treating their team and their customers well 5. and, of course, product!