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Thinx makes washable, reusable period underwear that is meant to replace pads and tampons.

Thinx Reviews

Thinx reviews


63% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Fun color and style
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good absorbency
  • Durable over many washes
  • Specific washing requirements
  • Small absorbent area
  • Can leak during heavy flow
  • Presence of harmful chemicals

Thinx period underwear is appreciated for its fun designs, comfortable fit and good absorbency, especially for medium flow. However, issues like specific washing requirements, small absorbent area, feeling of dampness, and leakage during heavy flow periods are highlighted as weaknesses. Concerns about the presence of PFAS in the fabric and poor quality waistbands are also noted.

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132 reviews


9 days ago

I was pleased with them I'm very picky with my bottoms and they definitely provided the comfort and for the most part the protection. I felt it could have been a bit more perfect given the price that's why I deducted a point and the sizing felt complicated for me between a small and medium on each of the four Styles I got. 2 full coverage panties and 2 thongs.

5 months ago

I wish they had something like this when I was in high school. However, the PFAs lawsuit is really a letdown and the reason I can't recommend them to others. The concept is amazing but the execution is lacking.

3 months ago

Messy and gross. Menstrual products are generally designed to limit mess, but these underwear constantly felt damp, couldn't wash/dry properly. They would also leak, and so are only appropriate for the last days of your period/spotting. I wish this concept could work, but it's functionally a reusable adult diaper.

3 months ago

I think the underwear is a good product for periods for soakage but the waistbands are horrid. 10 out of 10 pairs have a broken and frayed band after a year. Again, the absorption still works fine but the band quality is horrid

3 months ago

I really want to love them, the concept would be great. my period is extremely heavy that i have to wear a pad with these on and I still bleed through. theyre okay for when you are spotting and have lighter days, but for the price I don't know if theyre the best investment. I still get rashes when wearing them, and I still go through at least 2-3 pairs a day.


3 months ago

Got these for my teenage daughter and they worked well for her first few periods, but as her periods became heavier they leaked a little. She said they were comfortable though a little bulky, but still used them despite occasional leaks during the heaviest days. After a month of use and washing according to the directions they started to smell a little. Once we found out Thinx was sued for PFAS in the undies, she stopped using them. I was pretty disappointed as I’ve made it a point to steer clear of products using “forever” chemicals like PFAS and spend a fair amount of time researching products I bring into my home. The idea of these undies is liberating for women but the execution in this brand fell way short!


a month ago

So glad to be in this day and age where products for periods like this exist. The underwear have held up over many washes. The shorts do fit a little oddly on my bottom. I have to be very careful in choosing which pants to wear when wearing my Thinx underwear also, because you can see the lining of the heavy padding through the pants many times.


3 months ago

Thinx was the first brand of period underwear I ever bought. I purchased their signature Hipster styles, their active style, and their seamless bikini. All of the styles I bought had slight fit issues. They either sat too low on my hips or were too tight in the leg or waist band. They absorbed the amount of blood they said they would on the website, but none of them would last long on a heavy day. My main dislike of the Thinx brand came with the news stories of PFAS being found in the fabric they use. For a brand that is supposed to be more environmentally friendly, you would think it would be safe for human use as well.


4 months ago

I use a birth control ring, and instead of using tampons once I put my ring back in to end my period, I prefer to use period underwear. I like how they offer fun colors and styles that aren’t too “granny panty”. I have a medium flow and can wear them all day with no leaks. My only qualm is that I get nervous washing them - they have to be washed in a very specific way.