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Thinx makes absorbent period underwear to replace pads and tampons.

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New York, NY, US
Miki Agrawal
Antonia Dunbar
Radha Agrawal
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25 days ago
📷Influencer for Thinx

I've been using Thinx for over 5 years and they've only gotten better with more styles and better capacity to contain flow. I use Thinx exclusively and recently became a Thinx Leader. Their Thinx Air line can be used for everyday, even when you're not on your period.


Pay attention to how you care for these and follow the instructions to the T.

Sustainable productsFit just rightWorth the money 💸Love the brand's mission 💕Eco-friendly packagingSize & shade inclusive Cool look & feelInnovative product
25 days ago
🤝Friends with Thinx

I had a very minor affiliation to this brand verrrrrry early on (back when they did the Grand Central Station takeover if anyone remembers that). I was obsessed with their mission, branding and innovation from the very start. After using my first pair of THINX, I transitioned to fully zero-waste periods via a menstrual cup + THINX underwear. I will say you should just go ahead and buy yourself a full set because owning just one pair doesn't make a ton of sense and you will eventually start buying more pairs anyway. Their newest pairs have even better moisture wicking and absorption capabilities so you hardly ever feel like you're putting on "wet" underwear (bleh). For heavy flow days I cannot wear these alone and have to pair with a cup or a disc. But they are life changing! Takes the fear and anxiety out of those "am I bleeding or not" days. I will say FOLLOW THE CARE instructions this will make a big difference in absorption capacity and longevity.


I still leak sometimes that might be a me thing but for those of you with a heavier flow beware. I can only wear them alone on lighter/medium days. The color choices are a waste of time to me because eventually some blood stain will get on them and be so hard to get out I have stuck to only buying black pairs.

Lovely customer supportLove the brand's mission 💕Worth the money 💸Innovative productHigh qualitySustainable products
3 months ago

I liked Thinx for a while, but now I've moved onto menstrual cups, which are easier to deal with. I don't see myself going back to Thinx, as I never loved the thickness of the fabric.

3 months ago

I started using Thinx a little over two years ago. I now own 6-8 pairs. I appreciate that they give the ability to have a zero/low waste menstrual cycle. I've never had an issue with any break through. I'm impressed that after years of use they still function perfectly. I also like that there are multiple styles to chose from.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Sustainable products
3 months ago

Love it! Does what it's supposed to do and it's still going strong after a year of wear :)

3 months ago

Definitely life-changing products. I bought a few different models with different levels of absorbency and it took me some time to figure out which works best for different days. I also did not find some models comfortable enough, but generally, they are leak free and easy to wash, so perfect both for active days and nights.

3 months ago

I'm all in on THINX. Bought a pair or two for every day of my period, which interestingly has gotten shorter since using these. I like the Cotton versions as I find they are most comfortable. Also, a big fan of the Thong and Hi-Waisted options.


Super Absorbent does not truly hold 5 tampons worth. But, I can wear one pair all day or night (12 hrs) on moderate days.

Fit just rightSustainable productsInnovative productMaternityWorth the money 💸
4 months ago

These are okay. I've been using Thinx for several years now as a tampon back up, but I don't trust them to contain my flow. They seem to spread beyond the edges even with styles that are designed to absorb more fluid.

Innovative productHigh qualitySustainable productsLuxuryLovely customer supportWorth the money 💸Fit just rightSize & shade inclusive
5 months ago

Super comfortable period undies. I stopped using single use period products after I found Thinx. I started with just one pair to test & have been adding to my collection ever since! Now I have many different styles in my closet. Strong recommendation! I also love their inclusive website "for people with periods".

High qualitySustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕Worth the money 💸Cool look & feel
3 months ago

So convenient! It's especially been a lifesaver with a new wfh life. Saving money, saving applicators, etc. out of landfills, and actually comfy, win-win-win.

Worth the money 💸Sustainable productsEveryday wearFit just right