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Omsom makes individual seasoning packets with the essential flavors and spices needed to cook authentic, high quality Asian dishes.


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a month ago

Got a noodle packet at Whole Foods. It was super easy to make and the flavor was good. Slightly salty.

14 days ago

Omsom is such a fun concept! I love their Larb Sauce, though I do feel like it could use some extra fish sauce and lime. Their customer service is excellent as well.

21 days ago

I tried one of the samplers and I genuinely loved every recipe. My favorite was the Japanese Miso on eggplant.

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24 days ago

got the starter set as a gift; delicious flavors, but quality was slightly less than 5 star - one pack was opened & got sauce everywhere. also the larb pack was missing all of the toasted rice packets, which i didn't realize until i was mid-dinner. the company sent me replacement packets of just the rice powder, which i no longer have the sauce for... there are also discrepancies in the printed recipe & online recipes that are confusing, but luckily most of the instructions are just to add to your cooked protein! that all being said, i'd buy them for myself!

3 months ago

Finally got a chance to try this brand at Whole Foods. I got one of the vegan sauces and tried it in one of my noodle recipes, fire. The sauce was amazing in the noodles, added a kick of flavor and everything needed to make it just perfect. I'm going to try out the noodles they recently came out with at Whole Foods. Will update with those soon :)

3 months ago

I had an intriguing experience with Omsom! I picked up the Soy Garlic and Coconut Lemongrass flavors from Whole Foods. It's true that this is a quick and convenient option with good ingredients compared to many instant noodles out there. However, I felt it could use a touch more flavor. Personally, I enhanced it by adding a perfectly cooked runny egg and some extra seasoning, which really elevated the taste. Despite that, I'm still curious to try the other flavors. Overall, it's a pretty good choice!

3 months ago

I think this is a really solid, tasty product—I particularly like that they came with recipe suggestions. It just wasn't life-changing for me, since I tend to prefer cooking things from scratch when I can.

3 months ago

Super yummy! I bought Omsom ramen on a trip to Whole Foods. The Soy Garlic flavor was super good, I just wish it had a bit more flavor!

2 months ago

Love their branding but flavors have been just okay. I've tried their SE Asian combo, but the larb flavor was just weird. I'm Thai and I just know when the flavor is off. I find the lemongrass to be overly sweet. Hoping to try their noodles when I'm in whole foods next time.