Levain Bakery

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Levain Bakery sells thick, crunchy, and gooey cookies baked fresh daily.

Levain Bakery reviews

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92% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Delicious, indulgent cookies
  • Perfect texture and rich flavor
  • Generously sized, cake-like cookies
  • Well-received gluten-free options
  • Potentially overwhelming sweetness
  • Mixed reviews for frozen cookies
  • Considered overpriced by some
  • Best enjoyed fresh, not as good later

Levain Bakery is famous for its delicious, indulgent, and generously sized cookies, often described as decadent and cake-like. The cookies are praised for their perfect texture, rich flavor, and gooey, chocolate-filled goodness. The cookies are best enjoyed fresh and warm from the bakery. Gluten-free options are equally well-received. However, some customers find the cookies too rich and thick, potentially overwhelming for those who prefer less sweet treats. There are mixed reviews about the frozen cookies sold at Whole Foods, with some customers expressing disappointment at the difference compared to the fresh ones. The bakery's expansion beyond NYC is appreciated but the cookies are considered overpriced by some.

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