Ithaca Hummus

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Ithaca Hummus makes fresh hummus using real chickpeas and no preservatives.


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17 days ago


Ithaca Hummus makes their product with only real and tasty ingredients. I have tried a few different flavors like lemon dill, kalamata olive and lemon garlic. They're all very tasty. I like the versatility of their flavors as I can choose to consume them with different snacks like chips or crackers, etc. They make a great side dip or spread.

5 months ago

One of my favorite snacks is bell peppers dipped in hummus so I always keep hummus on hand. I wasn't sure if I would like lemon garlic hummus so I kept passing Ithaca by in the supermarket until I saw Ithaca had an "everything bagel" flavor. I love everything bagel seasoning so I grabbed this one. It is delicious. The hummus has a thick, creamy consistency that was miles better than the other brand of hummus I had been using. I will eventually give the lemon garlic flavor a try, but for now, I'm loving the everything bagel flavor.


A thick, creamy, flavorful hummus that spreads well and is reasonably priced.

4 months ago

Three stars. The hummus products are really thin and bright flavored. I think that Ithaca is much better decribed as a spread. Its great for sandwiches and salads. If you are looking for a super rich and thick hummus, ithaca might be too light and fresh for you.

a month ago

Tried lemon and garlic hummus flavors, lemon was definitely the way to go!

a month ago

Coming from my hometown this has been around for sometime in our area. Its so interesting seeing it expand as a brand. The hummus is good but can get pricey at some retailers.