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Birchbox offers to send a box of 5 handpicked deluxe beauty product samples monthly to help subscribers develop an effortless, simple beauty routine.

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25 days ago

I was a Birchbox Men subscriber for a few years. I found a few good products through it and it was the source of most of my travel toiletries. But then my partner pointed out that (a) it's a lot of wasted packaging for stuff I don't really need and (b) I'm not traveling anymore. So I canceled my subscription and don't feel sed.

3 months ago

I just wasn’t into it I don’t feel like it was a good deal and I don’t enjoy the travel sizes.

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5 months ago

I feel like the amount and quality of the items is not worth the price. I does not seem customized and unwanted samples were building up for me. It was initially fun to receive the box, but after a few years it was no longer an enjoyable experience.

6 months ago

Too expensive for what you get. I end up giving 90% of the items to my friend. I often miss the chance to customize my box so I’m stuck with crap no one wants.

3 months ago

I enjoy the novelty of subscription boxes. I think they make great gifts, and this one is especially good for girls and young women who are just dipping their toes into the makeup game. People who have more advanced or mature style I think won’t appreciate this one as much: I had this for a little over a year, and the colors/finishes/perfumes they pick are very neutral crowd pleasers, even in the curated boxes, so they get repetitive after a while. Although beauty samples are fun, they are annoying to store and pretty awful for the environment. I was also irritated whenever Birchbox included one of their in-house products as a sample, which was almost every box. Only one of those ever proved to be memorably useful. I did like the boxes themselves though: they were pretty, good for storage, and sturdier than you’d think. But like the samples inside them, they stacked up after a while.

2 months ago

Quality and sizing of samples just NOT worth it. Don’t bother filling out questionnaires regarding products, colors, skin tones etc..I’m fair to light, hazel eyes and red hair. I’ve received on more than one occasion foundations and concealers suitable for a very dark complexion. I just donate but it’s frustrating. I have also received broken/open products quite a lot. I’ve cancelled my membership and don’t ever see myself going back.

a month ago

I have bought multiple boxes from Birchbox in the past and have been happy with my purchases. However there are a few things i want to address: First of all personally i believe there should be more specification on products needed for personal use, as some products would be used much less than others or on the rare occasion not at all. Apart from that minor detail it’s a brilliant brand and definitely worth the price!

2 months ago

I started receiving Birchbox subscription a few years ago as a gift and I remember I would look forward to the packages coming each month. Subscription boxes are a fun idea and I did definitely find products I would have never came across had it not been for Birchbox, but the sizings were very small and often included things I wouldn't use. I'd give away some samples to family or friends at the time so they weren't a complete waste. It's a cute gift idea for younger girls as a gift but does become a nuisance after a few months.

2 months ago

I had great experience when I signed up for the boxes, always getting different products, really good quality brands and sometimes getting a full sized product.