Bath & Body


Aárd is a hair- and skincare brand with the purpose of simplifying beauty routines.


A simple clean hair and body care system that is packaged in our sustainable BeautyCarton.


Modern menopause products developed for women, by women that offer solutions from head to toe (and everything in between).


a beauty brand reimagining the body category with their lightweight, long-lasting body makeup for individuals of every shade.


Cerena's organic vapor extracted cannabis offerings usher transition from one state to another, mental and or physical. Feel the shift.


Skin care, body care and period care that go with your flow. Self care is the new going out.


The science of stress relief for body, skin, and mind - precisely formulated w/ clinically-validated, therapeutic botanicals & cannabinoids


Effective and natural solutions for daily stresses, aches and pains.


Making wellness fun and accessible with clean, consciously crafted holistic wellness products formulated by top doctors.


ROWSE offers a clean and effective skincare routine made from raw plant-based ingredients.

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The first sustainable wellness brand for women as we age, starting with incontinence products. Discreetly delivered to your door.


Handcrafted beauty and grooming products created with natural ingredients from the Mediterranean.

Leaf Shave

We design entirely unique and stunning plastic-free razors. Meet The Leaf and The Twig. Sustainable shaving for any body, anywhere.


A curated selection of small-batch, premium artisan CBD products. Allay partners with nonprofits that help you do good while feeling good.


Just-add-water, zero waste body wash for a smarter clean and a happier planet. 100% dissolvable packaging.


Boie makes personal care products that are longer-lasting and recyclable.


Mexican Botanicals for Bath + Body. We take our inspiration from the nopal for its resilience & cultural symbolism. Resiliencia Es Belleza.


Female founded, sex-positive, sustainable sexual wellness products. HANX is here to help you own your body, your sexuality and make informed choices.

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