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Rose Los Angeles sells a range of CBD and THC edibles made using single-strain whole flower rosin blended with natural fruit flavors.

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4 months ago

delicious edibles. stunning packaging. really thoughtful brand overall.

3 months ago

Two stars because I've purchased these in store in California and they actually got me high and they taste really good. Then I ordered online to my home and the experience was totally different. The version that is available for nationwide shipping do absolutely nothing. I've tried other low dose gummies that work just fine, so I don't know if it's because these are hemp extracted or what, but they did not change a thing for me. I even tried taking multiple at a time. Customer service was also very unhelpful and confusing when I tried to email with questions. I wish I could get my money back.

4 months ago

I was really excited to try the rose delights — the marketing is amazing, the concept is unique, and the packaging was beautiful. In truth, I was a bit underwhelmed by the actual taste experience. The flavors didn't really come through and the delights really stuck to my teeth. While it wasn't unpleasant in any way, I definitely expected more than vague sweetness from the gummies, which were touted as being made in collaboration with chefs.

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6 months ago

I've had both their THC and CBD offerings and they're sooo delicious. The CBD edible put me to sleep after a long day on a plane. Each flavor is unique and tasty. I love that they partner with local farmers and chefs. Great brand and great products overall, will be purchasing more.

5 months ago

I love all of their products

a year ago

I want to love these so bad-- the packaging is so gorgeous, the brand creative is beautiful, the flavor profiles seem out of this world cool. That said, the taste is.... so not good. No matter which flavors you try. (I tried 8!) If you eat edibles a lot (not all of these are edibles, just using that as a frame of reference) and you're used to sort of funky taste in exchange for later pay off, you might find these more satisfying!

2 years ago

If I could pick from any THC/CBD brand I've tried, this is it. It's the first one I try to find when I'm low on product. Their collaborations are wicked wonderful, as is the packaging. While it feels luxury, it's nothing over-the-top. It feels like the future of edibles, and they produce the cleanest high you can find.

a year ago

So tasty, incredibly creative flavors and awesome chef collabs. I love that they make both CBD and THC products. The dosage is spaced out into 20 delicious treats that I never want to run out of. Also can we talk about how good their branding is??

2 years ago

Beautiful experience overall--the packaging and branding is unreal, flavor combinations are super unique and elevated. I tried the apple ume ginger CBD gummies and they taste really nice.


Only thing that I would change is increasing the dose in each gummy. Personally, 10mg of CBD doesn't have much of an effect on me, but I do enjoy taking them before a flight and it helps me sleep.

2 years ago

Most stunning branding. I love how it shows up on social, how it looks IRL and the creative product offerings. It's been on my list to try whenever I made it to California and recently tried the CBD Apple Ume Ginger flavor. The shop I purchased in Abbot Kinney actually had a sample box for the new boxed wine flavour, which was great. It's a bit on the mochi/turkish delight texture, I personally love the cornstarch-y coating. I find the flavour pairings super unique and original, compared to the other similar gummies available.


Available in smaller quantities would be nice as buying the one box was quite an investment.