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VYBES makes a premium wellness beverage with Hemp CBD & Magnesium designed to bring calm and balance to the mind and body.



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14 days ago

really love vybes and the nice, chill effect they have - flavors are all really yummy, just wish the price point was a bit lower, even for a treat/splurge drink!

23 days ago

These drinks are okay. I have to admit they feel more gimmicky than I’d like. I’m 3 years sober and am usually pretty big on adaptogenic food and especially beverage but these didn’t do much for me. I’ve went back to them time and time again and the taste is not horrible, but not anything to write home about. I also can’t say I’ve ever noticed a difference as far as a calm mind or body goes upon drinking like I typically do with other products. They’re fine if you’re into their flavors, but if you’re looking for a mood or health boost I’d save your cash.

a month ago

I absolutely love Vybes. My favorite is the Strawberry Lavender flavor, it tastes the least artificial in my opinion. The only reason this is not a 5-star review is because I wish the price was a little lower. It's definitely a splurge for a beverage.

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a month ago

I grabbed these off the shelf because they look like a millennial dream. I've tried a few flavors and thought they were all pretty delicious. I did notice some flavors have more of a taste of stevia and erythritol than others but it is relatively mild. They're pricy for an everyday go-to drink but nice for an occasional treat. I love the label colors and they got a second life as plant cutting vases.

a month ago

Love it! Strawberry Lavender and Peach Ginger are my favorite flavors. Perfect for a little “chill out” beverage on a stressful day or simply good on the go!

2 months ago

I love everything from vybes - their new gentle energy beverage is a cuter replacement for my recent guilty pleasure - Celsius. It’s definitely a nice little buzz without a crash. Packaging is pretty!

a month ago

Peach Ginger and Strawberry Lavender have been my go-tos for the last 5 or so years. I first was introduced to VYBES at my Equinox and found it to be an awesome drink to settle down after a workout before heading to the office. In all seriousness, this is probably about a 4.5 star review since it’s not something I consume weekly due to cost. I do want to try their energy products that they recently launched!

a month ago

These are my absolute favorite CBD drinks. The flavors are all incredible (my favorites are the blueberry mint and strawberry lavender) and I always do feel such a sense of relaxation when I drink them. The packaging/branding is also BEAUTIFUL. I often buy a few of these and bring them to hangouts with friends and everyone is always impressed with them.