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Brez makes a cannabis and mushroom infused social tonic.


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17 days ago

Very subtitle but still noticeable enough. It really put me in a good mood a d felt very relaxed. In my opinion I wouldn't tale more than 1 can at a time of the single. Altough it is a bit expensive I think it's worth it for when you just want to relax and enjoy a good time.

5 months ago

Friends with Brez

It's a social drink, that gives a similar experience to alcohol, w/o the alcohol. The first pass at their taste is a little different than you expect, not bad, but different. I expect it will smooth out as they refine it. You can easily drink 2-3 in a sitting and feel great then, and the next morning. It's similar to Cann, but better because you get an immediate (w/in 5 min) feeling of it, and it's worn off w/in 60-90 minutes.


Just a little sharp on the taste buds, but just on first couple of sips. But, this also makes it nice to mix in w/ a mocktail if you like it sweeter.