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Brez makes a cannabis and mushroom infused social tonic.

Brez Reviews

Brez reviews


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18 reviews

a day ago

Tastes excellent and feels even better ;) As a lightweight, I can say these aren't overwhelmingly strong and I can sip on a few of them to adjust strength as needed. Cheers!!

5 days ago

BRĒZ is my new favorite after-work drink. The lemon elderflower flavor is refreshing and gives me a smooth buzz without the alcohol hangover. I love how it makes me feel relaxed and focused, plus the added benefits of lion's mane is a bonus!

5 days ago

I've been wanting to cut down on my alcohol intake because I found myself drinking more than I would like. I found BRĒZ and it has seriously changed the game. I'm usually a wine girl but recently every time I drink it I wake up with a headache. The best part about BRĒZ is NO HANGOVER! I love having a fun drink at the end of the day and this fulfills my craving - and it's delicious! Would recommend!

5 days ago

Could not ask for a better alternative to a night out with alcohol. Tastes amazing and has a little bite to it that I loved. Definitely just felt relaxed but in control. Great product and I will be grabbing some more.

5 days ago

BRĒZ is the perfect alcohol alternative! It is sparkling, citrusy, herbal... I love the taste! The low dose options of 2.5mg or 5mg of THC make it approachable and stackable for the perfect drinking experience. I love these drinks and always make sure to keep my fridge stocked!!

5 days ago

Finally! An option for social experiences that allows me to fully engage and enjoy my time with friends in social settings... and best part- fully functional option! Safe drive home and no pain tomorrow- clear headed and easy going! I'm so grateful for such evolutions & for BREZ specifically- not all THC drinks are created equal and BREZ is hands down my first choice.

5 days ago

BREZ Lion's Mane has totally replaced alcohol for me, so thankful!! As someone who deals with social anxiety from time to time, I relied on alcohol to take the edge off and not always in the healthiest way. The feeling BREZ gives you is totally different, cleaner, more of a flowy calm, if that makes sense! But I still feel energized and sociable. It tastes great too, super refreshing.

5 days ago

I love BRĒZ! This provides me with a perfect substitute to alcohol and it gives me just the right effects! the flavor is delicious and I can enjoy without any hangovers🙌🏼

5 days ago

This is the first alcohol alternative I've tried that actually had an effect I could feel. I'm not a regular cannabis user, but this is the first product I've tried that didn't make me anxious or paranoid. Highly recommend!

5 months ago

HUUUUUUUUUGEEEE fan of Brez. Fun fact: it's pronounced like "breeze". It's an awesome option for when you want to chill out after work. For those that find a glass of wine calming, this obviously will not taste like wine, but it's definitely 3x as calming. I prefer the 7.5oz cans because I'm not a regular CBD or THC consumer, so I'm pretty sensitive. I feel like the 2.5mg THC and the 5mg CBD is perfect for chilling out without physically feeling like you've consumed THC. Beyond the product efficacy, packaging is gorgeous. Website/subscription is super easy to manage. Can't recommend highly enough!

2 months ago

The shipping was fast! However, I can’t get past the taste of Brez. To me it tastes like grapefruit and aspirin. It’s been about an hour, had to chug it with some pineapple juice. I do not feel calm nor euphoric, I feel duped, it was pricey. lol.

3 months ago

I had a mixed feeling...The bad: the cannabis and mushroom had a bitter weed taste. The bitterness was so disgusting for me I stopped after three time. I get that it's THC drinks but I think the taste can be improve. But most important thingsis that it did not had any effect on me :( I do not feel anything differently. After a third try to make sure,I thought I just wasted money on bitter drink that does nothing. Now the good...The mushroom, on the other hand made me feel relaxed. Lightly but I can feel a bit lightness after drinking. I also enjoy the taste very much! By itself or sometimes with a light lemon squeeze. I would definitely buy them again just for the taste.

2 months ago

After my 4th day of testing Brez, 7.5ml each day, I was slammed straight into a stone wall of anxiety. I take a low dose of antidepressants. I do not recommend this with antidepressants. Worst panic attack of my 46 years. Great packaging, easy ordering, not so fun taking the serotonin syndrome subway to hell though. Use with extreme caution ⚠️.

3 months ago

Save your money. I tried both the mushroom drink and the large regular one and felt absolutely nothing. They are a total waste of money so don’t get suckered in like I did. Save your money!

3 months ago

Very nice flavor! Packs a punch - in a good way. Really liked how quickly you could feel the effects.

3 months ago

I saw their ad on Instagram and liked their approach to providing a healthier substitute for alcohol. I purchased the 12-can 7.5-oz deal since it saved on shipping. I love the taste of elderflower and figured it was a win-win. After trying one can for two successive days (now through 7 of them), I can safely report that it tastes terrible; I really had to force it down. I have subsequently started mixing it with other fruit juices to make it more palatable and that works. It has 8g of added sugar already, so I wouldn't consider this a low-calorie beverage. It's absolutely superior to the calories in wine. I enjoy the wakeful, energetic buzz and the most noticeable side-effect is incredibly vivid dreams. Since I'm experienced with THC consumption, this has to be due to the Lions Mane. I had had that before in other amounts, but detailed dreaming in technicolor has never happened before. Although that is a very refreshing benefit, the cost is prohibitive for me and I will not be reordering.

9 months ago

Very subtitle but still noticeable enough. It really put me in a good mood a d felt very relaxed. In my opinion I wouldn't tale more than 1 can at a time of the single. Altough it is a bit expensive I think it's worth it for when you just want to relax and enjoy a good time.

a year ago

Friends with Brez

It's a social drink, that gives a similar experience to alcohol, w/o the alcohol. The first pass at their taste is a little different than you expect, not bad, but different. I expect it will smooth out as they refine it. You can easily drink 2-3 in a sitting and feel great then, and the next morning. It's similar to Cann, but better because you get an immediate (w/in 5 min) feeling of it, and it's worn off w/in 60-90 minutes.


Just a little sharp on the taste buds, but just on first couple of sips. But, this also makes it nice to mix in w/ a mocktail if you like it sweeter.