Not Pot

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Not Pot makes personal care products and gummies infused with CBD.

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Not Pot Reviews

Not Pot reviews

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17 reviews

6 months ago

I don't normally take anything internal when it comes to CBD. But after some serious insomnia, I tried their sleep gummy. It is very effective and tastes fire.

2 months ago

Big fan of the menthol CBD cream to target muscle pains. Looking forward to trying more of their products in the future.

3 months ago

i think these were a nice entry point to cbd - user friendly, great packaging & branding. since trying them, i have moved on to other cbd options that feel a bit more “potent”.

4 months ago

Pretty good gummies for those who are not near a dispensary. I don't think I would use these enough to require a subscription service. I'll also note that the packaging is super cute, and they shipped my items with a carrying case and a page of stickers which was really nice!

2 years ago

Totally bought it for the packaging and name. Overall, it's a cute gummy but I'm not sure it works as well as the CBD oil that I have. I think it would be perfect for someone who is just starting to get into CBD. And, the jar makes a perfect gift for someone who needs a new stash can.

3 years ago

Loved these. I am not super well versed in the world of CBD so not sure the quality and how much was a placebo effect or vice but did overall have a good experience with them.


I didn't enjoy at the time they relied heavily on the total amount of CBD in the whole jar and would not post how much was in each gummy which I felt was a little deceitful but I see that has been changed since

3 years ago

They are a mission driven company with a great product! I take a gummy every night and sleep like a baby. Without it, I often wake up and don’t have a good nights sleep. The taste is also delicious and a perfect end cap. Their merch is also so cute and I’m proud to rock it.


Honestly, the main thing I had an issue with at the beginning was them being constantly out of stock. They seemed to fix through their supply issue since then.

2 years ago

Not Pot gummies taste great and work. I love the bottle design and the fun approach to feeling better.


They are 'out of stock' a lot.

3 years ago

Most CBD gummies seem intimidating and you never know what you're getting with them. I really like Not Pot's transparency in what's in the product, and appreciate that they're vegan unlike most gummies!