Founded by an Olympic skier, Halfdays combines fashion + function to create outdoor apparel for the modern woman.


Innovative tights for uncompromising attitudes. Hedoine makes high-quality seamless, sagless, shaping, pinch-free & ladder resistant tights.

Petit Pli

Clothes that grow. Petit Pli is a multi award winning wearable technology company based in London.


Outdoor sports apparel that can be worn year-round, inside, outside, in the city or on the mountain. For everyone.

Another Tee

The most progressive, sustainable tee on earth. 24 mangroves planted per tee, offsetting the average annual carbon footprint of one EU human


At Olivers, we make premium athletic staples reimagined for the 21st century.


Sustainable swimsuits, wetsuits, RTW, bags, and fragrance for women that offer a counterpoint to the male-dominated world of surf and swim.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics makes underwear, activewear and everyday apparel with a core focus on minimizing their environmental footprint.


Women's wardrobe essentials comfortable enough for the journey, stylish enough for the destination

Wearable X

High tech yoga pants? Wearable X makes experiential apparel designed to elevate fashion through haptic feedback and integration with technology.


Gear for good? Cotopaxi creates outdoor recreational products that fund sustainable poverty relief.


Premium men's activewear inspired by Scandinavian design influences.


JACQUES is an elevated men’s performance line established in New York City in 2018.

Blue Elvin

Sleek impact panels to protect collarbones and shins during barbell training. Engineered for women through a 2-year R&D process.


Women over 40 are rocking the world. We made the activewear to do it in. More support, more coverage, more freedom, more you.

Dr. Motion

Dr. Motion makes compression and wellness socks for men and women designed for everyday wear, designed with wellness, comfort, and style in mind.


Performance footwear made with recycled and sustainable materials, and versatile enough for all the ways you move.

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