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Converse designs shoes and sneakers for the ever-changing world of street culture.

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a month ago

I have had Chuck Taylors on and off since I was in 4th grade. Navy blue high tops or low cut have been a wardrobe staple. I have also owned a black pair, a white pair, and a turquoise pair. Still the best after all these years.

Converse shoes Chuck taylor

2 days ago

we have all had a pair of these. I think they hurt personally as someone with wide feet and thicc ankles. they are very hard in the back and cause a lot of blisters, but they're still a very good shoes.

Converse High Tops

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8 days ago

I wear my Converses almost daily, they're my default shoes and have been for years. I had a pair of low tops last 5+ years and only stopped wearing them because I wore them so much I wore a hole through the sole. The new styles are my new favourite, the platform/more chunky style of high tops. There are so many colours and they really do go with everything, they last ages, and they're comfortable.

Converse High TopsConverse Low Tops

23 days ago

i own a pair of platform converse and love the design and how well they go with my outfits. however, my issue is that they are not wide foot friendly 🥲 walking in them for a few hours is fine, but after 4-5 hours of being out, my feet start to hurt on the sides and near the sides of my big toes. i know they’re not walking shoes like hokas are, but i still expect a certain level of comfort for all day wear in casual settings.

platform converse

5 hours ago

I've had a few pairs of these. Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed in how much these have increased in price for the canvas styles in the last few years. The quality is the same so I can't justify spending that much on a shoe with zero arch support and a material that's not known for being durable...

Converse Low Tops

3 days ago

I LOVE the style of my platform converse. The only thing I cannot stand about them just about since I've had them is one shoe has a squeak in them. I rarely wear them now because I just can't handle the squeak, but they were my go-to shoe for a while.

5 months ago

a pair of low top white converse was a staple in my wardrobe for probably a decade. they have zero arch support and breaking in the canvas material can sometimes be a painful process. but are they iconic? yes. Would I buy them again? yes.

a month ago

It's bee quite a few years since I last wore Converse. I didn't have the best experience with the shoes as they're so flat and caused me some pain in my feet when I wore them. I'm open to trying them again. I love the 'Converse look', but I'm just not sure they'll provide the best support.

3 months ago

Converse Platform High Tops are my go-to sneaker. They last years & bounce back great when thrown in the wash. I just purchased their collab with Stussy & was super impressed by the quality of the collab material. I wish they sold their laces on their website in different colors so I could customize the look of my shoes!