Outdoor Voices

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Outdoor Voices makes activewear apparel for doing everyday activities.

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Outdoor Voices Reviews


Outdoor Voices was my favorite brand. I had been purchasing products from them since 2016 and was even a brand rep for them in College. However, since Tyler Haney was pushed out of the company I feel like the products quality has decreased and some times have gone up in price. The new styles don’t reflect the recreationalist market as much and I feel that their is less of a sense of community.


Every once in a while I still splurge on an item from OV, however I would love to see the vintage OV comeback.

Good for gifts 🎁AthleisureAmazing websiteEco-friendly packagingSustainable products
5 hours ago

I’m so obsessed with this brand. I own an exercise dress, the relay 3” shorts, the pickup sweatpants, the exercise 3” skort, a seamless ribbed longline bra, a t-shirt, and a few pairs of socks. Every single item is WONDERFUL. Great quality, so cute and comfortable. It’s all I want to wear lately.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Everyday wearAthleisureFit just rightAmazing websiteLove the brand's mission 💕
3 days ago

I'm a longtime OV fan, and own 5 Exercise Dresses. I've owned multiple pairs of OV leggings and tops, buuuut honestly I've started to like them a bit less over the last few years. I'm short (5'2) and they don't really offer their clothes in multiple lengths. They do provide tailoring in-store if I remember correctly, but for the dresses in particular they're just too long for me to justify buying anymore!


Would love more sizing options (tall, petite, etc)

High qualityAthleisure
Kylen C's review of Outdoor Voices
9 days ago

I’ve followed OV from the beginning— I think they’ve done a great job adapting and innovating new products. They have above average customer support and involve the community

Cool look & feelAthleisure
10 days ago

I have a baseball hat from here and it’s great for tennis. Never falls off my head and isn’t too tight.

Everyday wearAthleisureFit just right
10 days ago

I own a couple of pairs of leggings from OV. Their branding is great and styles are functional and cute.


The material is way too stiff. I hated putting on and taking off the leggings!

AthleisureLove the brand's mission 💕
10 days ago

I tried a few pairs of shorts and tops from Outdoor Voices and adore them. They hold up so well in heat and humidity and are great for regular use. I love the breathable materials used, colors available, and sizing options. The cut and color are modern and reflective of an ethos that someone who cares about their health and fitness without compromising on style would wear.


Open more retail locations

Cool look & feelEveryday wearAthleisureFit just right
11 days ago

I have been a fan of OV for years and own many items (tech sweat leggings, sweatee, exercise dress, exercise skirt, court skort, cloud knit, rectrek, etc) I'm always eager to try new stuff, especially when it hits the sale section, but lately the quality has been super compromised. My partner purchased a pair of shorts (all day aka cloud knit) and the shorts immediately pilled after one wear. OV happily exchanged the damaged shorts, but then it happened again...


Material quality has suffered, please go back to the original fabrics.

Cool look & feelEveryday wearAthleisureLove the brand's mission 💕
13 days ago

love the designs! quality materials and so practical. great in-store experience every single time.

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Size & shade inclusive Fun unboxing 📦Everyday wearAthleisureFit just rightAmazing websiteLove the brand's mission 💕Luxury
15 days ago