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Forme designs a line of posture training clothing for men and women.

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Against the odds, I had high hopes for the Forme bra. It's basically like a super un-stretchy and hot sports bra. Some reviewers talked about how hard it is to get on--that was not my issue. It was just too much like wearing a straightjacket all day and I did not perceive any benefits.


I could deal with the high price because it is made in the USA and if it worked it would be very worth it. The $14.99 shipping for something that costs $3-4 to ship was usurious. It really reduced my potential trust in the company before the product even arrived. I also thought it was crazy that it had to be returned would you even know if it worked? This is a company that does not back up its own products. Who would buy it just to return it? It's not a cocktail dress.

High qualityDifficult returns
a month ago

I almost wonder if this brand works *too* well! I have the sports bra and use it when I am hunching over my desk. After I use it sometimes my back is sore but it definitely corrects your posture and you feel a difference, kind of like muscle memory. I do think I wear it for too long and could benefit from reading the instructions.


It was a gift and I don't think I would have bought it for myself because at over $100 it's super expensive but overall I do like this product, my feedback would be to bring the price down.

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelAmazing website
Natalie Sportelli's review of Forme
a month ago

I own two Forme shirts now - it has an immediate effect on my posture and form.

High qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸
Andrew J's review of Forme
4 days ago