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Rains offers contemporary rainwear designed to mix function with fashion and influenced by its Scandinavian heritage.

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38 reviews

All38backpack2Hilo weekend bag1

21 days ago

Always been a fan of this brand. I own SOOO much of their stuff from the tote bag, book bag, rain jackets, pants, travel bags - the quality and feel of their products is amazing!

6 months ago

I received the Hilo weekend bag in my GQ best stuff box two weeks ago. So far, so good. It has become my work bag. The straps are fit well and stay in place, which is good considering they are removable as well as adjustable. I really like this bag. I just which it had a compartment or two.

Hilo weekend bag

5 months ago

I own a few bags from rains and could not be happier. The quality is amazing and they have a sleek professional look to them while also being very functional.

5 months ago

I have one backback for over a year now i really like it. On rainy days i don't need to worry if it gets water on it or not and it is very easy to clean. I would buy it again to be honest. I also think the way it opens makes it very secure (when i travel and take the metro, for example, i don't worry if someone tries to open my backpack...because i would notice FOR SURE and they wouldn't be successful by doing it in just a few seconds). The paint on the "locker" is getting out but it is normal from my point of view...


2 years ago

Rains have come a long way - and the quality of their Creative Direction is so different from what it once was. Very cool to see their growth and progression! I bought one of their more lightweight raincoats to use in Europe, and even though it was lightweight, it kept me warm on my walks during the rainy/early autumn season. Sometimes during the latter parts of summer, I would have to walk with the coat open because it got too hot with it buttoned up. The colours you get to pick from are very on-trend, and all in all this raincoat takes up so little room in my suitcase or weekend bags. I also have a tote by Rains, and it's such a great bag to use on rainy days. I'm never worried about anything getting soaked or damaged by the weather.


I can see there are puffer-style jackets and thicker/warmer styles in the current collections, so winter-waterproof items can be purchased for those colder months.

2 years ago

I live in Denmark. So let’s face it, I have a genuine need for a waterproof jacket 🌧. Having said that I don’t want to look like I’m setting out on a multi-day mountain expedition every time I leave the apartment to buy some milk. This is where my Rains jacket comes in. It fits the bill perfectly. It’s stylish, and somehow goes with almost any outfit. It’s also surprisingly compact and can be scrunched up and packed into the bottom of my backpack. The other feature I love is that it’s fastened with buttons. This makes it ideal for cycling as I can loosen the bottom, or the top depending on the weather. I’ve owned it for 4 years now and it still looks like new. It’s the perfect rain jacket for Copenhagen’s year-round temperamental weather.


It’s not the most waterproof in monsoon style rain, or if it rains for hours. Having said that, my Rains jacket always gets me where I need to go relatively dry. Also, in the summer it’s not the most breathable - so I have another waterproof jacket for hiking.

3 years ago

Living in Southern California I get so excited when it rains because I get to wear to Rains raincoat. The colors are interesting and the material is softer than it looks.

3 years ago

I've had the long jacket in olive for almost 5 years and love it. It's really lightweight which is great for Miami and still roomy enough to fit a sweater under in colder temperatures. Such a sleek brand~ I was very tempted to buy one of their rainproof backpacks while studying in London a couple years ago.


Not totally sure when this happened, but there's some small white scuffs on the back of my coat. Again, I've had it for quite some time and it's held up very well otherwise.

3 years ago

LOVE my Rains raincoat. It is perfect for Portland winters, which are, you know, rainy, but not super cold. These coats are lightweight so you don't feel too stuffy. The colors are super great and I love the simple design.

9 months ago

Fashionable, light and effective (my jacket doesn't have a hood which is annoying - my bad decision).