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Allbirds makes footwear from wool fabric that prioritizes a simple design with sustainable production and distribution.


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  • Comfy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish
  • Unsupportive
  • Flexible
  • Limited

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a month ago

I would suggest allbirds to anyone. They are so comfy, versatile, and the price point is great.

18 days ago

I actually got my Allbirds second hand (found them for $7 at Goodwill, what a score!) so I think I can offer a perspective on the quality. The ones I found are white, so as you can imagine, they were pretty dirty. I ended up doing the stripping method to deep clean them and they held up well! That method involves soaking them for a long time in a lot of detergent and then running them through the washer so I think that speaks to the quality of the materials. They came out clean and they're so comfy. I don't think I'd use them for exercise but they're really comfortable for my hot girl walks and look so cute with casual outfits. I don't think they'd offer enough support for anything strenuous though.

Tree Runners

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19 days ago

High quality sustainable footwear. These look so good, better than yeezys, and come in such a great range of styles and colors

24 days ago

Me and my sisters purchased these shoes for my parents at different times for gifts. They’ve both been very happy with the comfort and look of these shoes! They came highly recommended from some family friends! I’m hoping to purchase some for myself eventually.

6 days ago

I love Allbirds and own several pairs. They are comfortable and great for walking long distances or wearing around the house to prevent fatigue when working on chores or cooking. The brushed wool material does tend to wear quicker than the waffled material, which is why I give it 4/5.

Wool RunnersTree RunnersTree Breezers

11 days ago

overall a great shoe, but doesnt last super long. Needs to be rpelaced after a year in my opinion. The customer service is top tier and very helpful.

Wool Runner Mizzles

a month ago

Allbirds have got to be one of my top favorite shoe brands. They are comfortable and look great! I bought 2 pairs, the original ones in grey and a pair of the runners. I love them both.

8 days ago

I like allbirds mission a lot. Thy're comfortabel and super lights trainers. I'd wish they'd look cooler thought. I feel like they could create a few more stylisr or less-running shoe like styles. They also have a very hight arch that is nto for everyone. But all in all-a cool brand!

Wool Runners