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Allbirds makes footwear from wool fabric that prioritizes a simple design with sustainable production and distribution.

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Allbirds Reviews

Allbirds reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Comfortable sustainable shoes
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Innovative eco-friendly design
  • Sizes run big
  • Lack of long-distance support
  • Absence of half sizes
  • Issues with durability

Allbirds shoes are known for their comfort, sustainability and stylish design. They are lightweight, washable and have great customer service. However, they often run big, lack support for long distances and don't come in half sizes. Some customers also reported issues with durability and lack of variety in style and color options.

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2 days ago

Alberts from another shoe company and I really enjoy them. I think that they’re really really great tennis shoes/sneakers and they are high-quality and comfy. They also hold up really well.

a month ago

Allbirds: Comfort and Sustainability in Every Step Allbirds are a game-changer! Their wool fabric footwear combines simple design with sustainable production and distribution, making them a feel-good choice for the planet and your feet. On a recent trip to London, my feet were literally bleeding from all the walking. Allbirds saved the day! They were incredibly comfortable and provided the perfect relief I needed. Plus, knowing they’re made sustainably makes me love them even more. Highly recommended for anyone in need of stylish, eco-friendly comfort!

20 days ago

Works for Allbirds

It’s the best decision I ever made to buy this ones.

a month ago

Super comfortable but style wise not for me. I owned a pair a couple of years ago but once it became popular with the tech bros I had to run.

24 days ago

I have 3 pairs of Allbirds and love each of them. They are comfortable and stylish. I’ve worn the hell out of the first pair I’ve had for at least 4 years, worn them year-round, and they are STILL comfortable and sturdy. The other two pairs are ballet flats and every time I wear them I have someone ask where I got them.

4 months ago

I love the mission of ALLbirds and find the shoes looking super sleek and chic. worth the price for everyday walking shoes

4 months ago

All birds are definitely one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. Not a ton of support, but work well for a few hours at a time. Make sure you wear them with socks, otherwise they can get pretty nasty smelling.

5 months ago

Tore a tendon in my foot my first time running in these, never wore the again. Poor quality and a terrible running shoe.

5 months ago

They aren’t hot. I’m sorry, and if you’re going to do comfortable, they aren’t the best at that. But kudos for the sustainability angle. I’d rather buy sketchers. But of course i won’t.

2 months ago

These shoes are super comfortable and like how cool they are, being wool. Very lightweight. I got my parents each a pair and they are obsessed. Only downside is I don't feel like they have great ankle support.

3 months ago

Love the shoe and is super comfortable but it wears too easily. Got a hole in mine after a few months but customer service was great.

5 months ago

Allbirds plays the eco-friendly card well with materials like merino wool, scoring points for sustainability and comfort. They strike a balance with a minimalist design that's easy on the eyes and versatile for casual wear. Just a heads-up, the soles might show wear sooner than you'd expect, but overall, they're a decent pick for the environmentally conscious.

2 months ago

I love my all birds flats. They are comfy, casual and can be washed. I’d compare them to my Rothy’s.

3 months ago

My mother is obsessed with these shoes! She says wearing them is like “walking on clouds”. They’ve gotten her to walk more, which has been a dream for her health! Not to mention they’re sustainably made. I love it!

4 months ago

Tested the Men’s Canvas Pacers. Shoe was true to size and comfortable. I like the grip on the sole. It is a bit heavy for its size but I expect it will have more longevity as well.