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Lululemon makes a complete activewear collection for all occasions.

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Lululemon Reviews

Lululemon reviews

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  • High-quality durable products
  • Comfortable stylish leggings
  • Popular align line
  • Product guarantee offered
  • High product prices
  • Poor customer service
  • Misleading product sizing
  • Subpar shipping practices

Lululemon is commended for its high-quality, durable, and comfortable products, particularly their leggings and Align line. However, it is criticized for its high prices, poor customer service, misleading sizing, subpar shipping practices, and declining quality over time. There are also concerns regarding inconsistencies in fit and a lack of diversity in their women's clothing line.

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375 reviews

25 days ago

Lululemon is a company that offers comfortable and fashionable activewear. Depending on what you are looking for, Lululemon offers many different styles of clothing to suit your everyday needs . For me, I find them overpriced for the quality. I really don't get the appeal of this brand but its not for me. Every girl, including my girlfriend, loves this brand. I purchased the everywhere belt bag for Christmas and we both really like it. The belt bag is very functional and very reasonable in price.

10 days ago

Very expensive clothing and accessories. Would be better if it was more affordable. My daughter got a belt bag (small wallet like bag) for $80 which is wayyyy too expensive for what it is.

8 days ago

I always tell myself that the dupes are more worth it but when I put on a pair of lulu leggings right after a dupe the comfort is just unmatched in any other leggings. The lululemon leggings are just so comfy. they are expensive but compared to others the quality makes the price worth it.

2 days ago

I recently purchased an item from lululemon, expecting high-quality products and reliable customer service. Unfortunately, my experience has been nothing short of disappointing. The sizing of the item I received was completely misleading. Despite following the size chart provided on the website, the item fits extremely small, making it impossible to wear comfortably. When I reached out to lululemon for a refund or exchange, I was met with an uncooperative and rigid response. They refused to acknowledge the sizing issue and denied any possibility of a refund or exchange. As a loyal customer, I am deeply frustrated by this lack of accountability and poor customer service. It's disheartening to see a reputed brand like lululemon fail to stand by their products and provide satisfactory solutions for their customers. I will certainly think twice before making any future purchases and would advise others to be cautious about the sizing and dodgy/unlawful return policy before buying from lululemon.

18 days ago

Bought All the Right Places High-Rise Drawcord Waist Crop 23” tights and recieved them Jan 6, 2024, I work away for a month at a time so they effectively had 2 months of wear, maybe once per week. Approximatley a total of 8 wears and the seem in the crotch ripped. I used their customer service to submit an issue and was told that I had caused accidental damage. Just wondering how one causes accidental damage to the crotch area? lol The seem definitely parted quickly upon receiving the goods and caused a two inch hold in the crotch. Lulu customer care basically told me to go fly a kite and effectively does not stand behind their products. This after a year before I ordered and received a pair just before Christmas and upon first wear the leg had a tear in it, I reached out to them at that time they basically said we're too busy with our Christmas sales rush to help you. So basically they think they are too big to fail and don't actually stand behind the quality of their products any longer. I had a pair of lulu's in the 2000's that lasted 7 years, now 8 wears for a 128$ pair or pants? No thank you, never again Lulu.

a month ago

Totally varies product to product. I have a great gym bag and half-zip from Lululemon but I've also tried a bunch of clothes where the sizing was super weird (long or short in random dimensions, way too small, baggy in unflattering ways) or where the seams/material felt cheap.

3 months ago

Great activewear brand. Will admit I have noticed the quality has decreased over the years.

3 months ago

I love the lululemon quality and honestly their align leggings for women cannot be beat (I said it). And they back their products up so even if you’re paying a high tag price, you will ALWAYS get your money’s worth.

3 months ago

I have the lulu biker shorts and for a high price of 60 dollars they are pilling and stretched out

5 months ago

Great quality activewear. The leggings don’t fall down your legs during workouts like some other cheaper brands. Plus, the material is so luxe and nice for all activities. Their ABC pants are a must for the men in my life - extremely versatile, functional and comfortable. My brother is an attorney and wears the pants to work, to golf, to go out, and for lounging. Lululemon is a shop that I tell the men in my life (that struggle with fashion) to shop. It’s hard to go wrong at Lulu. The only reason I’m ranking it lower is because I think the women’s clothing is not very diverse and is a little overdone. I’d love to see some creative new items that don’t scream “she’s wearing lulu”.

4 months ago

Still make some great stuff, but definitely a decline in quality over the years.

4 months ago

I always want to go somewhere hipper and cooler for my activewear, but no one can beat lululemon. They have the best materials on the market, and rotating styles mean that there always comes to be a colour and fit that I’m excited about. They have solid, constant sales that you can still return if they aren’t right. I love lululemon — even if I wish I could quit them, I can’t!

4 months ago

I love almost everything I buy. The only thing I’ve purchased that I’ve run in to with a fitting snag was the paddle suit (and it’s hard to zip even with the pull) I wear a 4 or 6 so I got the 6 and holy moly. If I knew what sounds a camel made when he stubbed his toe… if you know what I mean. Ha you’re going to want to try this one on ladies

4 months ago


material is tight to hold my middle thigh meat in but not happy with the price tag

5 months ago

I shop at Lulu sparingly because of the high price point, but the items that I've had for YEARS still hold up in terms of quality and that's made me more willing to buy more items. Of course a big fan of the align leggings, and the running shorts. Every jacket I've ever purchased from them has exceeded my expectations. There's a reason they continue to lead when it comes to athleisure!