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Soylent sells nutritious and tasty meal-replacement drinks, powders, and bars.

Soylent Reviews

Soylent reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Variety of flavors available
  • Reasonably priced meal option
  • Useful for quick nutrition
  • Non-dairy based option
  • Unpleasant sweet aftertaste
  • Slow shipping process
  • Issues with subscription service
  • Considered expensive by some

Soylent is a popular meal replacement drink that is appreciated for its variety of flavors, affordability, and its utility as a quick meal option. However, some customers find its taste too sweet and dislike the aftertaste. Additionally, there are complaints about the slow shipping process and issues with the subscription service. The product is considered expensive by some.

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98 reviews

All98Creamy Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake5Choco Soylent3Plain Soylent2Vanilla2starter pack1

12 days ago

These are good for people with appetite issues

Creamy Chocolate Meal Replacement ShakeChoco SoylentPlain SoylentVanilla

5 months ago

Received a free product from Soylent

I tried the Creamy Chocolate shake, but it tasted too much like a nutritional shake for my liking. I do like that these offer a meal in a bottle, but the taste could be improved. I'm not opposed to these.

Creamy Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

a month ago

Tried it once. Tasted good. Just very expensive.

Creamy Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

3 months ago

Love the flavors and how in a pinch, I can easily drink something that makes me feel nourished and healthy

Choco Soylent

5 months ago

Didn't get the chance to even try the product because their shipping process is so slow. Beware of the free'll take weeks to get your order.

2 months ago

DO NOT OPEN A SUBSCRIPTION WITH THIS COMPANY! I had been using Soylent products off and on since they were created. I remember watching the interviews with the guy who invented it sitting at his computer and talking about how he got frustrated at making time to eat. I was a really big fan. I had a subscription and everything. I occasionally skipped an order when money was tight, but their sms system made that really easy. Until it didn’t. On Sunday, December 24th, I got a message about my upcoming delivery. I was really relieved, because with the holidays I really couldn’t afford it right now. So, like normal when funds were tight, I skipped the shipment. I RECIEVED TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATION THAT MY ORDER WAS BEING SKIPPED AND WOULD NOT BE RENEWED UNTIL APRIL 22. Naturally, when the product showed up a week later at my doorstep, I was perplexed. I contacted the company, where I was informed that I was being billed, the order did go through, and they made it seem like it was my fault - I suppose in a way it was, my fault for opening a subscription with them. I asked if I could return the product and cover shipping, they declined. I offered to return the product and meet them halfway (cover half the cost), and they declined. I have filed a complaint, but I haven’t heard anything substantial yet. I just didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, so I thought I’d start sharing my experience. I will modify this review if the company gets in contact with me.

6 months ago

I have only tried the chocolate flavor. It is tasty and filling. I drink one around 7 and it gets me through until lunchtime. They are reasonably priced and seem to be easily available.

Creamy Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

2 years ago

I have literally no clue who is drinking these but it CERTAINLY is not me. I’ve tried multiple different flavors, and every single one of them tastes so bad to me. Cheers to those who love it - I just can’t find a flavor I like.


Oof. More user testing on flavors?

2 years ago

Fills you up but doesn't have an amazing taste. If you need something quick, go for these, but don't expect a tasty drink.