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Material offers luxurious cookware with unique designs and affordable prices.

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Material Reviews

Material reviews

Reviews mention

  • High-quality knives
  • Well-designed kitchenware
  • Durable and functional products
  • Beautiful design and aesthetics
  • Knives can dull quickly
  • Some items may be overpriced
  • Lack of variety in some products
  • Can potentially scratch easily

Material offers high-quality, well-designed kitchenware with a range of products including knives, cutting boards, and pans. Despite being a bit pricey, customers appreciate the brand's functionality and aesthetics. However, some customers reported that the knives can dull quickly and some products, like the reBoard, may be overpriced for what they offer.

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34 reviews

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3 months ago

I have their three knives and am so happy with them. I wanted a high quality knives that could stand the dishwasher and these fit the bill perfectly. The gold shears I have from them have discoloured slightly with dishwashing but I will survive!

Bread knifeParing knifeChef knifeGood Shears

3 months ago

I really want to know this brand. I love the look and everything feels very high quality. Unfortunately, their knives dull incredibly quickly (and I'm not even sure they were ever very sharp). I didn't notice until I ended up with two very cheap (and ugly) knives that I bought from some random store. These two random knives work SO much better than the Material ones have ever worked. It was a disappointing discovery!

Knife setChef knife

4 months ago

My go-to everyday cutting board. Sustainable, easy on my knives and easy to clean. Great colors, too!


4 months ago

LOVE the cutting board and chef knife. Was gifted both by a friend over a year ago, and they are holding up great! Absolute staples in my kitchen!

reBoardChef knife

6 months ago

We have their Sauté Pan, the Coated Pan, the Trio of Knives, and the reBoard cutting board in two sizes. Their products are very high quality. The Sauté Pan heats evenly, and its vertical sides make the pan more versatile than a typical 10-inch steel frying pan. I can sear meats with less oil splatter, I can sauté much larger volumes given the larger flat surface area, and I can even use it as a saucepan. I reach for it more frequently than my 12-inch All Clad 3-ply steel pan. The Coated Pan has an excellent nonstick coating that works great for eggs and for sautéing food that has more tendency to stick. The Trio of Knives are very high quality, and the sharpness is easy to maintain with a good quality honing rod. The reBoard cutting boards are of excellent quality and are my go-to cutting boards in our kitchen.

reBoardCoated PanKnife set

6 months ago

Material is a BEAUTIFUL (and not to mention AAPI owned!) kitchen brand that strives for well designed, highly functional kitchenware. They are a brand you feel good about getting marketing from, following on social media, and even purchasing from. I, personally, made my purchases for an empty kitchen (moving with nothing!) but would happily continue replacing my products, if and when needed, with more Material products and would encourage others to do the same... the gifts that can come out of their catalog, for both you and your loved ones! The knives are of great quality, and the products are beautiful to look at. Everything is beautiful AND has a functional purpose! How great? Yes, Material is a splurge brand. It is a worth-your-money splurge brand.

Coated PanKnife sharpenerKnife set

4 months ago

I bought my copper colored peeler from Home Ec a small shop in San Diego. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to love the style of peeer that it is. As it turns out, I do really love it. It’s super sharp. It feels good in your hand. It’s easy to peel large vegetables. And it gives a nice thin peel when you’re peeling citrus. I’ve had it a few months and it’s been holding up really well. I keep the cover on the blade when it’s in the drawer.


6 months ago

Influencer for Material

Love Material Kitchen's knife. The best knife I own! Highly recommend!

Chef knife

8 months ago

I am LOVING this brand. We bought a cutting board (reBoard) months ago and I found that it was the only one I ever wanted to use, and I was always so sad when it was in the dishwasher. I decided to buy a few more in new sizes and colors. The colors are cute, the sizes are perfect, they are slim & easy to store, and, because I'm so used to wooden cutting boards, the fact that these are dishwasher safe is a game changer for me. I also sprung for a copper pan and so far so good! I have tried a few non-stick brands before and the non-stick function never lasts long, so I'm super hopeful.

reBoardCoated Pan

7 months ago

I purchased the mini reBoard and the reBowl- I was drawn to Material's fun colors! Since our kitchen is very neutral colors, having these fun items brightens things up a bit. I think the reBowl ($25) was a bit overpriced for what it was, plus I didn't like the base of it. However, I love that it's recycled plastic and it definitely gets a good amount of use. I also wish there was a variety of sizes (maybe like 3 nesting bowls?). The mini reBoard- BIG FAN. Again, the colors are great. I have always used plastic cutting boards, but these feel like a total step up in quality. I'd highly recommend these for something just getting acquainted with Material.