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Inkbox makes realistic, waterproof, and plant-based temporary tattoos that utilize proprietary ink that lasts 1-2 weeks.

Inkbox Reviews

Inkbox reviews


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20 reviews

5 months ago

Overall I love the concept behind Inkbox. I used one of their premade designs as well as the tattoo marker. My experience with the premade design was better -- It was a clean looking application. However the tattoo marker bled into my skin so it was hard to create a clean design. Both lasted a couple weeks which is a perfect length for a temporary tattoo.

4 months ago

I got the tattoo pen and found it bled a LOT - I finished drawing on my wrist and let it dry while sitting still so it was dry to the touch. Thought I was fine, but the next morning it had completely bled all over my wrist. Not sure if I was doing it wrong or what. The pen is also a brush tip, which is a little annoying for detail drawing - would be nice if they sold a finer pen or multiple pen types. This is such a fun idea and I really wish it worked better than it did. The staying power is honestly decent, just wish that it was a nice, crisp piece that was staying and not a blurry mess.

3 months ago

Super fun way to try out some tattoos for those of us who can't seem to make the plunge! Ordering and receiving was super easy, and I just went back to get some more to try out.

3 months ago

Im super happy with this company! I was able to get a 2 pack at winners to try out. ( bought myself) The first one lasted about 2.5 weeks. This mushroom i have right now on my arm is going on 3 weeks!! They are so cool and so realistic ! Im very happy with this product and will buy more!

10 months ago

The Inkbox pen is fine. The tip was akin to a paintbrush so I couldn't get as fine lines as I had hoped for and I really did just look like I took a marker to my body, didn't really look like a real tattoo. I suppose as any regular tattoo, it wears a lot faster where there is friction, so I found the markings I had placed near my waistline and on my hand and on my ankle were quick to fade. So I guess I kind of wish it lasted longer like maybe a couple months instead of a couple weeks? If the actual Inkbox tattoos work for you then great! Stick with those. Don't get the pen.

2 years ago

Inkbox is such a fun way to try out tattoos. It worked really well when there were no creases, but you do have to think about placement to limit creases. It lasted about two weeks for me. I used it on holiday, which was a fun non-committal way to try tattoos!

9 months ago

The product is meh to me - I find it expensive and it didn't show up super well on my skin, BUT the company has awesome customer service and they sent me a credit along with better instructions for my complexion!

2 years ago

Made a custom tattoo within SECONDS (after the website started working lol). Was blue/green fo ~1 day, but the end result looks exactly like a real tattoo and stayed on my skin for more than two weeks. Will update when it starts to noticeably fade.


The website wouldn't upload my png for the longest time. Said it was too big even though it wasn't. Then magically started working 10 min late when I tried again.

2 years ago

I’ve gotten Inkbox as gifts for two different people now and have had a positive experience overall. The idea is really cool and it’s a great way to test out a tattoo before getting it.


Application can be difficult and the results aren’t always the best.