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Everyday Oil creates plant-based, organic, botanical oils designed to be hydrating, cleansing, and nourishing.


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7 days ago

I’ve been a fan of everyday oil for years now. I love their scent and how it doesn’t leave a sticky film. Their prices have gone up significantly however in the past two years. I still find their products lovely but not sure if it’s worth the cost anymore.


3 months ago

Really unique and lovely scent. Lasts a long time. Good quality. The small size bottle has lasted me forever.

3 months ago

I LOVE Everyday Oil. I like to use it instead of a moisturizer post shower, but the product has so many possible use cases. It is not greasy, smells good, and makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. Big fan.


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4 months ago

I'm a huge fan, I started using Everyday Oil after my pilates studio had it in the bathroom after you wash your hands. I then became an avid user during my pregnancy, it's all I used on my pregnant belly throughout the full 9 months, slathering it on and feeling so nice. I also have used this is an oil facial cleanser and love their hand sanitizer. I have also used the unscented version on my baby's arms and legs, who suffer from eczema and this is very gentle and like I mentioned... I'm a huge fan. A little bottle lasts a while for me and large bottle could last almost 9 months. I love it. They have a new scent that is wonderful, started with their hand sanitizer and it is my favorite, otherwise I use the unscented. I love their sanitizer because my hands stay very clean and not dry at all.

2 years ago

I have been using this product a few times a week for months and will be repurchasing when I finally run out. I use it all over my arms and legs right out of the shower and also use it on the ends of my hair. It smells great and softens everything I use it on.

8 months ago

A great all purpose body oil! I love the woodsy scent of Mainstay and the simplistic branding. I use the oil for my face and body (I know you can use it in your hair as well so I need to try that) and it's really become a difference-maker in the winter.


More scent options!

2 years ago

Personally really enjoyed the smell of this and the simplicity of it. I usually feel like the "one-for-all" solutions are too much aimed at convenience and not function but I feel like this is great for a lot of different applications.

2 years ago

A coworker mentioned this to me, I happened to see it in a boutique the following day and figured "I'll try this, why not?" I really like it - I rub it all over my body and it's nicely moisturizing and hydrating with a strong scent that isn't overpowering. I'm not sure if I buy that it works for everything (face cleanser, body cleanser, shaving, bug repellant, etc.) so I'm not replacing the rest of my products with this.


Refill program in SF please!

9 months ago

I use this constantly every time I come out of the shower. Right when I come out. So everyday. It makes my tattoos look fresh, skin young, and crisp. Love the feeling on me.


Make a bigger bottle or a refresh station in NYC! Other than that, love the design.