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Byredo offers a range of premium products from fragrances to makeup.

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Byredo Reviews

Byredo reviews

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  • Luxurious
  • Unique
  • Great packaging
  • Creative makeup
  • Short-lived
  • Expensive
  • Carrot-scented
  • Small sizes

Byredo is a luxurious high-end brand with unique scents, great packaging, and creative makeup direction. However, some fragrances have weak staying power and are expensive.

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13 days ago

Obsessed with the candle smell but it's so pricey and I don't want to waste it. Wish the perfume came in smaller options so I could justify spending $$$ on it. Love the scents though!


3 months ago

I bought a sample of the Mojave Ghost fragrance and instantly fell in live. I wish expensive brand like this made smaller sizes for purchase as a full size bottle is simply out of mg budget right now.

perfumeMojave ghost

5 months ago

Incredibly pricy, but they are the most elegant scents & they last incredibly long. The in-store experience is super bougie. This would make for a great gift!

3 months ago

Love the creative direction of their makeup (haven't tried), and love so many of their scents. Mixed emotions, Casablanca lily, all of their rose scents, are all delicious.


3 months ago

This is my favorite Veviter scented hand wash. It feels lush and clean. A bit pricey but nicer than Aesop imo. Their scents are also beautiful

perfumeHand Wash

3 months ago

Byredo has a great range of scents that are unique - from creamy to floral to citrus. In particular Gypsy Water, Bal d’Afrique and Rose of No Mans Land are my favorite. If you are someone who doesn’t like scents that swing too far one way or the other (too sweet, too musky, etc), these three scents are also a great option. My only criticism is that the staying power is at most half a day, in my experience.

2 months ago

Byredo is incredibly pricey but...I think it's worth it. The scents are refined and sophisticated and the scent lasts long on your skin ( I didn't feel it but people told me they could still smell it on me at the of the day) I first got as a present "Eyes Closed" and was smitten with the scent. Afterwards, I got "Black Saffron" which is very much a winter scent for me. I also got the "Mojave Ghost" hand cream and their lipstick in "Feverish". I think it makes a great gift and you get obsessed with the scents. Also stylish packaging and in-store service. For me, it's a yes!

perfumeEyes closed

2 months ago

Byredo has been the first start of mine in the serious fragrance world. As saturated as the regional market got with the use of Black Saffron, it brings me back to California and early college days. Blanche is also a classic clean fragrance, simple but mesmerizing. I loved Accord Oud as well, more than their Oud Immortel. I have recently grown a liking to tobacco mandarin, 1996, and super cedar, but they’re undergoing testing. I attach a lot of significance to fragrances, and I think one of those would be my new era’s scent. I have tried both the hair mists and fragrances, the hair mists run out quick and have less longevity. I would go for the fragrances & hand creams if you’re looking for longevity and projection.

perfumeBlancheBlack saffronTobacco Mandarin1996Super CedarAccord OudHair mistHand cream