Footwear for time well spent. Mahabis sells premium slippers designed for comfort and made for adventure.

Thousand Fell

Sneakers designed to never go to landfill? Thousand Fell makes durable, biodegradable, and recyclable sneakers.


Shoes made with natural materials, including corn fibre and algae. Hylo is the sportswear brand for Planet.


We leverage technology to make better footwear, period – made responsibly, sold honestly, and designed to take you anywhere.

Satoshi Studio

First high-end sneakers brand hosted on blockchain. Focusing on transparency and digital experiences.


Italian-made sneakers that allow you to take pleasure in performance.


Stylish flats that are secretly slippers? Birdies makes comfortable slippers that look designer shoes.

Léo et Violette

Affordable luxury leather goods. Léo et Violette makes stylish and functional luxury bags and accessories, made in Italy and Spain.


Morjas is a different kind of shoe brand. They're a disruptive fresh breeze in an industry that's been snoozing for far too long.


Fulton is modernizing arch support through a comfortable, supportive, and sustainable insole, because wellness starts from the ground up.


Comfort that looks as good as it feels. We create shoes that deliver comfort, confidence, and style without missing a step.

Ponto Footwear

Ponto is a sustainable footwear brand built for the Changemaker. Our shoes are made almost entirely from recycled & bio-based/ materials.


The most thoughtfully designed everyday sneakers? Atoms makes comfortable, sustainable sneakers.


We recreated the hotel slipper into a super cozy shoe, so anyone can slip it on and feel like they're on their favorite hotel vacation.

Season Three

Season Three is an outdoor lifestyle brand making heritage footwear for a new generation.


Active-Thermal ski boot cover engineered to keep your feet warm in alpine winter conditions. Powered by COZYTECH®


At CARIUMA we believe style, comfort & sustainability should be synonymous.


ILYSM is a sneaker brand for nonconformists.

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