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Studs offers expert ear piercings (with needles, never piercing guns) at studios nationwide and a wide assortment of cute earrings that are safe for sensitive ears.

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Studs Reviews

Studs reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Affordable high-quality earrings
  • Durable for daily wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Variety in jewelry selection
  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Earrings tarnish over time
  • Potential nickel allergy issues
  • Limited piercing stud options

Studs is revered for its affordable, high-quality earrings and plentiful selection, providing customers with comfortable, durable jewelry for daily wear. The brand also offers a mix-and-match option that customers appreciate. However, the customer service experience is inconsistent and occasionally poor, which has deterred some potential buyers. Additionally, there have been complaints about earrings tarnishing over time and causing allergic reactions due to nickel content in supposedly hypoallergenic earrings.

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77 reviews


3 months ago

I got an infection from piercing my ears here and I know four other women who did as well. This is not a reputable piercing company.

4 months ago

I love their earrings - a super affordable everyday pair that actually holds up and doesn't tarnish or rust. The huggies stay in really well and are lightweight and comfortable, and I'm able to wear them everyday and while exercising/sleeping/showering with no discomfort or damage to the earring. I haven't tried their piercings, but the jewelry is definitely great and much more affordable than other options.

5 months ago

I loved the experience but 2/4 piercings got infected and closed up. Does not feel super professional but would go back again for fun.

4 months ago

My recent in-store visit to Studs was super good. Not only did I find their prices to be impressively budget-friendly, but what truly won me over was their extensive array of piercing options (for single unit purchase to avoid having them by pair)


4 months ago

I got one of their packs of earrings and the lasted a few months before they started really tarnishing which is disappointing for the price point

4 months ago

I was really surprised by how affordable it was, considering how high-quality all of their jewelry is. I haven't gotten pierced here, just purchased earrings. I like that they sell the earrings individually so you can mix and match metals.


2 months ago

I've gotten 4 piercings over 2 years all from studs. They're always nice, do a good job and are very professional. And good earring selection. First 2 were from apprentice appointments so it was cheaper and they did a great job.

6 months ago

LOVED my experience at the Studs location in Williamsburg. The ladies there were so sweet and helpful. They really took their time in helping me build an ear-stack and choosing the earrings. I have only worn the piercing quality earrings from Studs and they are super super nice ad not incredibly expensive (however when I bought them they were running a promotion). The earrings have lasted over a year and look exactly the same and I wear them every day and hardly every take them out (in the shower, pool, gym, etc.)


3 months ago

Got my second earlobe piercings at a studs and had a fab experience! I love the range of studs they sell, and I wear my tiny pearls every day :)