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A fresh piercing or new ear bling? Studs offers curated earring shopping online and piercings at Studs Studios.

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June 2019
October 2019
New York, New York
Anna Harman
Lisa Bubbers
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Lovely customer supportCool look & feelEveryday wearComfortableGood for gifts 🎁
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a month ago

Fun fashion jewelry for multiple piercings - if you’re looking to curate an ear stack without a big investment, this is a good way to go. The gold plating holds up well - I wore mine for 6 months without removing them, and they held up to shampoo, perfumes and hair dye (even though these are not recommended for longevity).


The earrings come with 90s style jelly sticker earrings, which are fun, I guess, but I wish they were optional because I end up throwing mine in the trash.

Worth the money 💸
3 months ago
💰Invested in Studs

Everything about Studs is so well-thought out and designed. I got my ears pierced when it first opened and everyone was so nice and helpful and remembered you if you came in again. The collections and collabs are really cool. They've built an awesome brand that feels welcoming.


I wish there was more piercing jewelry with gemstones. I liked my stud but it would be cool to have more stone options. The 14k gold heart I got was adorable.

Cool look & feelLovely customer supportAmazing websiteInnovative productEveryday wearWorth the money 💸
3 months ago

After having sub-par experiences with ear piercing at tattoo shops and high-end jewelry stores, booking an appointment at Studs was such a source of joy. It was painless, efficient, and joyful (a tall order for someone sticking a needle in your ear :)) I love their earrings and haven't experienced any tarnishing or irritation. Also love that they sell their deadstock on Depop.


I'd love to be more involved in the brand! Would love if they ran an editorial blog and/or wanted to offer more events

Amazing websiteEveryday wearComfortableGood for gifts 🎁Love the brand's mission 💕Lovely customer support
a month ago

Dang, I wanted to hate Studs, but I love them. I own more than 50 pairs of earrings but I have exclusively worn my Studs every day since I got them (I'm also more of a big statement earring girl but these little guys have captured my heart). They seem to market more towards folks with multiple ear piercings, but I just have one on each side and I still had fun buying and wearing. Super comfortable, stylish, and the package came with fun little goodies and stickers that screamed millennial. You can certainly find cheaper earrings out there but I feel like the quality here is worth it, although we'll see if they're still as good after a year passes. And these little Metrocard huggies? Come on.


Lots of packaging! Each earring is stored in an individual baggie for some reason -- could save plastic by just using a paper backing like other shops.

Everyday wearGood for gifts 🎁Fun unboxing 📦High qualityCool look & feelComfortable