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Steamery Stockholm creates modern clothing care products to make old clothing look like new.

Steamery Stockholm Reviews

Steamery Stockholm reviews


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4 months ago

I bought a Pilo 2 fabric shaver and like it, but don't love it. Pros - It's a really nice design, easy to hold and relatively straightforward to use. After a little work greatly improves the appearance of fabrics. My partner has a woolen hat which was looking really rough, and now looks like new. On the negative side, the Pilo 2 is hugely expensive compared to reasonably similar fabric shavers. For example there's a Philips model for example which is a third of the price which seems to have pretty good reviews, and costs a 3rd of the price. I also had some issues getting it to work when I first started using it. It would run for 30 seconds and then slowly grind to a halt despite the fact I'd charged it. Also, the Pilo 2 loses a review star for the fact that even though it comes with a USB-C charging port, you can't actually charge it with a true USB-C cable, but only a USB-C to USB-A cable. This is lazy engineering in my view, and does not future-proof this product. My verdict is I'll keep it now I have it, but next time I'll probably buy a cheaper model.

Pilo 2

4 months ago

I’ve had both their steamers (my daughter took the earlier one to college so I got the new one). They are far superior to any other steamer I have used. Even steam release, no dripping. Worth the high cost- I never use my fancy iron anymore

Cirrus 2Cirrus 3

6 months ago

Received the Cirrus no. 3 as a birthday present. The product is sleek and pretty, but it's much heavier than I expected…I definitely wouldn't pack this in a carry-on suitcase. I might end up returning it because I'm finding the instructions hard to navigate compared to my Amazon steamer, which is super simple to use. Since this product is a hybrid (part steamer and part iron) the water compartment is tiny and needs to be filled out frequently if you want to steam more than 1-2 pieces. If you're looking for a travel-size steamer, this is not it. If you're looking for something that doesn't take up a lot of space and can freshen up 1 garment on the go then this might be for you.

Cirrus 3

3 months ago

I love Steamery's aesthetics and commitment to slow fashion. The fabric shaver has definitely extended the life of my wool jumpers and cardigans. It did stop working at one point due to something getting jammed on the inside, but the customer support were very prompt to respond and troubleshoot. Their laundry detergents are great as well; I would highly recommend the 'Delicate' and 'Odor Control' detergent (the latter works magic for activewear) and the fabric spray.

Pilo 1laundry detergent

3 months ago

I've been happy with the products by the Steamery. 1. Steamer - really nice and easy to use. Be sure to use the right water as it can cause stains on your clothing. 2. Lint brush - excellent quality and really cleans up easily and nicely. 3. Fabric shaver - Fine to use, though it did manage to shave off a little bit deeper on a couple of my cashmere sweaters. I admit I could have been more gentle with it as I was figuring out how much pressure I would need to apply to remove the bobbles on them. Lesson learned ;)

Cirrus 2Pilo 2lint brush

8 months ago

This is a beautiful steamer. My mom has one that I've borrowed when I'm home. The design is well thought out and it works well on most materials. They're not cheap but the quality really speaks for itself.

Cirrus 2

8 months ago

The dyson of steamers! They look so good you can gladly just leave them out. Feature-wise, I don't think that you for the Cirrus 2 model pay for much else than the aesthetics and luxurious feel, but I've heard that the newer versions are much more effective and better so I'm really keen on upgrading. In general, a big fan of Steamery's mission of being a textile care company at large. Their retail partnerships have been amazing to watch and they feel like a dream partner to work with for so many brands that care about durability.

Cirrus 2

10 months ago

Good products! I have the steamer no1, the lint roller and the depiller. I love the portability of the products and the mission of the brand to keep quality clothes in good condition for longer usage.

2 years ago

I have two products, one is the their electronic fabric shaver Pilo No.2 (which is amazing!) the other is the Cirrus Steamer No. 2 while it looks sleek in modern. Does not really work so well. The water well is rather small.


I wish they had a better water well.

a year ago

I have the Pilo Shaver No. 2, and it's amazing. Does it make your clothing literally look like new? No, of course not. But it gets pretty darn close :)


I wish it came with a bag or somewhere I could put the brush & charging cable easily.