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everdrop is a company for innovative and sustainable household products, with the aim of making the world a little cleaner.


Paint that purifies the air? Gush wants to create healthier living environments, using sustainable paints that not only have no toxic emissions but also eliminate airborne pollutants indoors.

Kinfill Homecare

A new generation of eco-friendly, effective cleaning products. Designed to cut out single-use plastics from your daily cleaning routine.

Dirty Labs

A cleaning innovations lab taking the dirty out of cleaning.


Earth-friendly butt stuff. Bippy is on a mission to preserve forests from the bottom up with tree-free toilet paper and wet wipes.


Functional, beautiful & adaptable kitchenware for everyday life.


We reimagine home essentials with bold colors, unique materials, and characters that are eager to help.


The first-ever lockable storage box that is food-safe, multipurpose, and super stylish.


A powerful cleaning solution in the size of a nickel? Blueland makes cleaning products in tablet-form, designed to eliminate single-use plastic.


The strongest and most sustainable straws? SeaStraws makes environmentally friendly straws and cutlery.


smol was created to democratise eco-cleaning. smol products perform just like the big brands and because we deliver direct, we're better value and super convenient too.

BOXI by Semihandmade

BOXI by Semihandmade is the first direct-to-consumer cabinet system for kitchens, bathrooms, and every room. BOXI makes home space simple.


Clean, efficient, plastic-free detergent delivered in a letterbox.

Oona Goods

Reusable and 100% biodegradable sponge cloths to replace the paper towels in your life. One sponge cloth = 17 rolls of paper towels.


Reel is on a mission to help make people's lives more sustainable, through our tree-free, plastic-free bamboo toilet paper and paper towels.


Stockholm-based homecare brand, creating sustainable cleaning products in tablet-form. Clean your home without trashing our planet.


At neat. we make concentrated cleaning products that perform brilliantly without the unnecessary water and no single use plastic.


BAGGU makes bags for people and the planet.

The Wally Shop

The Wally Shop delivers products waste-free in returnable packaging. #DoYouWithReusables

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