A Time best invention of 2020. This bracelet could save your life. Get out of unsafe situations with the push of a button. Style/Function


Turn your hormone cycle into your secret superpower. Use our app (and smart pill case!) for personalized insights & buzzy community.


A better way to treat your migraine with online doctor visits, proven treatment options, and monthly delivery right to your door.

Elo Health

Supplements precisely calibrated for your biomarkers and goals, backed by science.

Paloma Health

Paloma Health makes it easy to get expert, personalized treatment for hypothyroidism—all from the comfort of home.


We create tech-life balance. Our first product is an alarm clock that helps you break up with your smartphone and get a better night's rest.


Speakers designed to feel as artful, intimate, and unexpected as the live performances they transmit.

Air Company

A technology & luxury goods company creating products that shape our future. Like the world's highest quality & most sustainable spirit.


The first and only smart technology accessory for power wheelchairs, LUCI brings safety and inclusion to the most fearless people on earth.


A Swedish based design studio that develops, designs and markets objects that extend electricity to devices

Embr Labs

A personal thermostat? Embr Labs created a wearable temperature bracelet that intelligently cools and warms.


A reimagined humidifier that promotes healthy glowing skin without the hassles of traditional humidifiers. Built by Doris Dev


Originally a film photography company, Manual has evolved into a photo and lifestyle brand that sells disposable cameras.


Soothing white noise sound machine, wake up light, sunrise alarm clock, baby and toddler night light.

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