The dreamiest air conditioner you've ever seen. July is beautiful, better for the environment, and ridiculously easy to install.


Vestaboard is a beautiful smart messaging display you control with your phone.

teenage engineering

teenage engineering develops highly acclaimed products for people who love sound, music and design.


The digital fertility clinic for people with sperm. With our at-home kit, test, freeze, and improve your sperm without leaving your house.


We leverage technology to make better footwear, period – made responsibly, sold honestly, and designed to take you anywhere.


Supersapiens training ecosystem-powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense-empowers athletes to optimize fueling, maximize training & increase performance gains


Sustainably designed soundproof phone booths and modular meeting rooms for the new workplace.

Air Company

A technology & luxury goods company creating products that shape our future. Like the world's highest quality & most sustainable spirit.

Satoshi Studio

First high-end sneakers brand hosted on blockchain. Focusing on transparency and digital experiences.


Timeless, modular electronics. Beautifully crafted transparent speakers, constructed with aluminium and tempered glass.

Work Louder

Modular keyboards designed for all you pixel pushing, character kerning, z-axis sliding, dodging & burning control freaks out there

Embr Labs

Embr Labs is the first thermal wellness technology company and the creator of the Embr Wave, an intelligent wearable that heats and cools.


We create tech-life balance. Our first product is an alarm clock that helps you break up with your smartphone and get a better night's rest.


Oura is the company behind the Oura Ring — a health tech wearable that delivers daily, personalized sleep, and overall health insights.


Bellabeat devices collect physiological data 24/7, used solely for providing you with the most accurate and granular understanding of your body.

Color&Co by L'Oréal

Personalized at-home hair color by L'Oréal, for men and women, offering virtual on-demand consultations with expert in-house stylists.


One headband, a world of solutions at the service of your sleep.


AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing premium headphones.


A Time best invention of 2020. This bracelet could save your life. Get out of unsafe situations with the push of a button. Style/Function

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