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Stimulate makes plant-based, hyper-realistic chicken nuggets.


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24 days ago

These were so disappointing. The texture was so weird and off putting. Quorn and Impossible will always be the golden standard- but I swear simulate didn’t even try. Vegetarian nugs have been around for 20 years, nothing revolutionary or good happened here.

23 days ago

As a lifelong vegetarian I've tried many different meat substitutes and Simulate Nuggs are some of my favorites. The flavor and texture are different than most grocery store vegan nuggets and I like them a whole lot better. My husband, who is not a vegetarian, also really likes these.

22 days ago

Nuggs taste great but they're so so expensive. Not sure I'd buy them again for only that reason.

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21 days ago

These veggie nuggets are good, but not my favorite. While I did love the coating (very reminiscent of McDonalds nuggets) I though the inside texture and taste left something to be desired. Tasty with a good dipping sauce, but not a stand out for chicken nugget substitutes.

20 days ago

These nuggets are real deal. I’ve had them a few times and I’m always skeptical about the price point but they are well worth it. I’ve done just about every cooking method they offer and they shine every time. Tastes like nostalgic McDonald’s style chicken nuggets, feels better in your body. Super fun to eat.

5 months ago

Simulate makes some very tasty chicken nuggets that cook well in the microwave. The biggest issue is that there weren't very many in the box compared to the price.

3 months ago

I have been super impressed by Simulate. Their branding always catches my eye and their nuggets are surprisingly delicious. My family's favorites are the spicy nuggs and the dino nuggs. They air fry super well and taste nothing like artificial chicken.

3 months ago

These are excellent for picky eaters. My kids absolutely love these and have no idea they are not chicken. We are really enjoying the new dinosaur shapes available.

3 months ago

Shout out to my straight edge family living xXcleanXx These are hella good and probably the most realistic thing I have had. It is pretty wild honestly. Like your conservative parents wouldn't even know. See ya'll in the pit.